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Safehouse Locksmith & Hardware

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188-11 Union Turnpike
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
200320 years in business
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Monday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
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Sunday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

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Safehouse Locksmith & Hardware — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 188-11 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366. Safehouse Locksmith & Hardware has been in business for 20 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Emergency, Safe field and have a store. This business is closed now and will be opened in 3 hours 10 minutes. You can contact them by (718) 469-4444, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 25 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Safehouse Locksmith & Hardware, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Barbara S.
Professional and fast. Danny was great! Had an issue with the door knob. Door slammed behind me (had window open) and i couldnt open the door. Knob broke and the key wasnt latching on the lock to open. I literally got locked out of my apartment. I somehow managed to get back in by playing with the key. Found this company and Danny followed up with me the following day. Got this old crappy knob and lock changed to a new system. Now I feel safe and sound with my new lock and the door acts like a door.
Pratik P.
I came here to make a copy of my Toyota smart key fob (which has push to start). It can be extremely difficult to find somebody who can properly program a new smart key / keyless system and those that do charge an arm and a leg. If you go to a dealer expect to pay hundreds of dollars. Toyota wanted something like $500 to make a copy of my key and I called a few dealers and they all quoted me just about the same price! I'm so glad I found this place because they did it for MUCH less than what Toyota wanted. The price was great and the process to make a copy of my key was quick and completely painless and they were able to program a blank key fob I had bought elsewhere which was a huge plus! I'll definitely be back here if I need similar reprogramming of a smart key!
Or K.
Great service! Bought 2 multi lock cylinders, as well as had them make 4 extra key copies. Everyone was nice, and informative. The service was quick and every key worked. They even told me to come back if I was having any issues with the locks or keys and they would take care it. Thank you for services!
Amanda D.
charged me $125 to charge the cylinder of a jimmy lock, they are money hungry at the expense of customers
Alan S.
This place costs me more time and 10 times the money than buying a car key at the dealer. I noticed something wrong when a 30 min job turned to a 3 hour job. That was 10/5 it's now 10/22 and I still do not have my car. I learned my lesson. Instead of spending 200 on a key at the dealer. It's now 2500 in expenses accrued. Renting a car and the dealer billing me for a new immobilizer and new keys. I think my lesson was learned.
Louiza P.
Mike was quick in getting to my home and opening the lock without damaging it. He was professional and competent.
Matt C.
Owner personally called me to explain and apologize for a mixup with one of their third party vendors that occasionally handles their overflow- owner seemed like an honest guy. Their vendor Harry (I believe) who drives a red minivan, who is no longer working with them, is an absolute nightmare and should be avoided.
Jay M.
My new go-to locksmith for anything lock/key/hardware related! I came in Sunday looking for two new doorknobs with a lock and key. (Honestly thought this was just a key copying place). My dad and fiancé both suggested I check here locally before heading out to Home Depot. So glad I did! I needed the doorknobs asap, so I was going to settle for a design that he had and was very similar to my current doorknobs but he said he could get the exact doorknobs to match the rest in my house. Michael gave me his personal cell number and I sent him a picture of the doorknob, thinking it would be about 3 days minimum until he got the doorknobs. He texted me the next day and had them ready for me to pick up! Charged me only what he paid (he showed me the receipt) and I was on my way. Later I got home and thought I had the wrong side of the doorknob and texted him (pretty late at night) - Michael responded right away saying that there is only one side of the knob sold and it is reversible. He sent me a video tutorial from YouTube on how to reverse the knob (less than 2 min video, very explanatory and simple). I'm beyond happy with my experience here and I know this will be my spot if I ever need anything Michael carries in his shop!
Wilmer J.
I bought a car with only a valet key and after I purchased 2 new keys off ebay. I took my car and keys to Safehouse Locksmith & Hardware to reset the ECU and program my new set of keys so I can open the car remotely and start the car. I was approached by Marion, who told me the job was going to be done in about 10 minutes and for an incredibly affordable price. Marion cut the keys, then went to program everything, he made the process seem simple and although it took us a bit longer than 10 minutes because of the way my car system is set up the job was complete without hiccups. I am very satisfied, I will bring my girlfriend's keys here to be cut and programmed as well. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.
Denise D.
Lost my key to my storage unit and needed urgent help fast. The gentleman on the phone gave a decent quote to come out and get the lock off for me. Not only that but they arrived in 20 mins to rescue me from the moving day blues! Thanks so much!
T N.
Came here to get a second car key. Friendly and honestly. Mike followed up with me a few time to let me know that he's at the store. Will come back again and def. recommend.
Alan Z.
Overall , I would say I'm satisfied with Safehouse. I requested a quote on Yelp and Mike responded quickly. His prices were fair and he was very accommodating to my schedule. I took 1 star off because the locksmith Daniel showed up 50 mins late to my 6pm appointment after confirming and calling me he was on his way. Then he called me telling me he was running 20 mins late because of traffic. Ok fine. Then no one showed up until almost 7. I called Mike at the shop and he was surprised. In any case, Daniel showed up and spent an hour replacing my lock. Everything was fine, and Mike even followed up with a phone call 1 week later to make sure everything is working to my expectations. If I ever need a locksmith, I would use them again.
Lee H.
Mike is a certified mogul. My fiancé misplaced her car keys and was frantically looking for them. To make matters worst, we just had a huge storm the day before. I reached out to Mike via yelp and he was extremely responsive. Made the key, drove out to deliver it to us, and even gave us an extra one on the house. 1-10 review? Infinity. Happy wife, happy life =)
Bob G.
I have a small safe in my basement that I regularly access, at least monthly. When I went to open the safe this weekend, to my surprise, the keypad wasn't functioning. I found this strange since the safe has a "low battery" light that never went on. I tried to open the safe with what I thought was the backup key but was not successful. On Sunday, I was driving out to Long Island on Union Turnpike and noticed that this establishment was open. I went in and the gentleman who greeted me gave me the card of the locksmith who he said wasn't there at the time but who he encouraged me to call. He indicated that the locksmith was expected around 2pm. I called the locksmith, Michael, and explained my issue to him. I told him that the safe was small enough for me to transport to his store. He asked if I could bring it that afternoon but I told him I was on Long Island for the afternoon. He indicated that he would be at the store on Monday afternoon and we should contact each other by phone on Monday. I called Michael at noon on Monday and we agreed to meet at the store at 2pm. Getting the safe to the store was far more difficult that I had expected, but that was my doing, not Safehouse's. In fact, I'm sure Michael would have been happy to visit my home to look at the safe. I got the safe to Safehouse and met Michael at 2pm. In a few minutes, Michael was able to open the safe. The batteries had leaked preventing the keypad from being used. That explained why the keypad had failed so suddenly. Fortunately, the batteries leaked powder and I was able to clean up the powder and replace the batteries with fresh ones and the keypad worked again! Michael offered to do some research to see if he could arrange to get me a key that would work for the safe. When I brought the safe home, I did a thorough cleaning of the battery compartment and tried the key that I thought was the backup key and, to my surprise, it worked! I assume that the lock had been jammed and Michael was able to free it up. I called Michael and asked if I could have an additional key made? He suggested that I bring the key in to his dad who would be better able to make a back up key for the safe. Michael had asked me how I learned of his business and I told him that I saw it on Yelp. I also told him that reviews seemed honest. I was very happy with my experience with Safehouse and would gladly recommend them to anyone. I really appreciate the fact that I was dealing with the locksmith rather than some contractor. Great job! Thanks!
Jeffrey C.
Got locked out of my house and needed to get in. It was freezing cold outside, and on a Saturday evening, but Safehouse showed up in under 20 and was able to pop the lock in under a minute. Couldn't be more thankful for the quick service, especially given that it is a weekend. They were even courteous enough to ask if I have any children with me and if I am stuck outside or if I have somewhere warm to wait. I couldn't recommend a more superb locksmith in this area!
J P.
The key got stuck inside the key hole when I was leaving my house to go to work this morning. I tried all solutions that found online and didn't work. I found this on Yelp and made a call. A guy who answered the call told me a lock guy will be in an hour. The lock guy came five minutes late. I think it was totally acceptable considering they receive jobs on call. He came and took a look and said to me that the cylinder need to be replaced. He texted someone. I guess it was someone from Safehouse. He said to me that would cost $160 for the same brand or $140 for another line of product within the same brand. Of course I stick with original. Then he told me that he had to get a new lock and his tool box. When he came back, he received a text message and asked me if I want to replace the whole lock which cost $225. Why would I pay for something I don't need? I told him replace the cylinder would do. He seemed to agree and started the work. He finished in about 20 minutes since there was something not right when the old lock guy installed the lock years ago. He fixed everything. Everything seems working fine. Also, the guy from Safehouse gave me a call to follow up the service. The service is good and quite expensive. I'm happy what I get. I can leave my house and now to worry anything.
Sherri D.
my experience with this locksmith was very good. they are very helpful and knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with my service. I definitely recommend this store.
Lisa N.
Fast dependable HONEST service. Came in less than 30 minutes. Could have told me I needed a new lock but INSTEAD adjusted and lubricated my existing lock! You dont find such honesty I service people anymore. REDUCED his service charge since it was a simple fix! This is the second time I have used them for a lock problem...and I am 100% satisfied. Won't use any other locksmith anymore. Safehouse is on my speed dial!!
Joon K.
I called Safehouse Locksmith in order to replace an original mortise cylinder that was sticking. A technician was sent but there was an issue with one of the parts that link with the mortise thus the technician had to return another time. I asked for a Multilock cylinder to be put on the mortise lock mechanism BUT, unknown to many, there are many CAM pieces that can go on it, the technician showed me about 20 CAMs that are made for the Multilock cylinders. After another week of attempting the get the correct part, Safehouse called me in order to inform me that the part had come and that it was most likely that the issue with the mortise lock would be fixed. The technician came and put the cylinder just to find out that the back CAM mechanism was a little off. He took out a bagful of Multilock CAM parts and the installed another one. When the mechanism was placed, it the function was PERFECT. I would recommend Safehouse Locksmith for your most complex jobs, lots of people out there think that getting a cylinder replaced is just a walk in the park, to get the cylinder and turn the lock to screw it in place, but there are eventualities that can frustrate the most inventive Macgyver types out there. Leave your headaches behind and allow the professional people to be in charge of situation. It will be money well spent and plenty of headaches saved.
Benjamin W.
Had a broken lock and was locked out of my apartment. Eli came and was able to replace my lock in minutes. He also answered all my questions. Great professional service especially for the evening.
Lisa Pollich
This is a full-service hardware store. I needed to make a copy of a Multi-Lock key, and I checked with several different local hardware stores but they were not able to make a copy. When I went to Safehouse, they were friendly, and went out of their way to locate the proper items necessary to duplicate the key. They were a lifesaver since I need the key today!! I highly recommend this store.
I come here everytime to duplicate keys and service is always amazing. Each staff is an expert on hardware and supplies. Love this community oriented service.
Joseph Almonte
We use them at our office, Julia Shildkret Real Estate, all the time and they’re great. All of the people working there are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. They always copy our keys quickly and correctly.
Joe Jams
Safehouse locksmith in NYC is best locksmith and hardware store in Queens. They have a large selection of key blanks and hardware. Mike is very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend them for all your hardware lock and security needs.
Julio Isidor jr
Safehouse is awesome! I called Safehouse after, calling around looking for a better quote. On how to get into a safe that was left to me after a death in the family. I have the key, but not the combination. Every place I called quoted me a high price, in order to break into the safe. Resulting in destroying it without repair. Safehouse asked me some basic info about the safe, ie. model and serial number, and to send them a picture of the safe it self. With that info, they simply suggested. I call the manufacturer and see if I could obtain the combination myself; using the same info I gave them. Or that they would be happy to call, on my behalf. I opted to call myself. To cut this story short; I will be able to get into the safe on my own for years to come. Thank you Safehouse for not taking advantage of the situation and being a honest business!