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NYC Locksmith Expert — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 74 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003. NYC Locksmith Expert has been in business for 54 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Emergency, Safe field. This business is opened 24 hours. You can contact them by (212) 470-6825, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 20 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of NYC Locksmith Expert, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Ashley M.
CHOOSE ANOTHER LOCKSMITH THESE ARE SCAM ARTISTS. Pay attention to the negative reviews. I Called this company and like other reviewers they never said there would be a fee just for coming by and giving an estimate even though I repeatedly asked them over the phone how much would it cost. When they arrive they will announce a random price just for coming by weather you use their services or not. If you have an issue with them scamming you they will hurl racist insults and continue to demand payment. There are thousands of actual professional locksmiths in NYC so stay away from these people.
Briana E.
Amazing Service!!! Leo was so quick and responsive, and did an excellent job. He came out same day, and the job was done in less than an hour. Definitely recommend!!!
Jay s.
These guys gave me the best price for a quick cylinder switch. The locksmith was super polite and considerate as well as punctual and communicated very clearly with me throughout. I have used other locksmiths in the past who rip you off and overcharge and of the 4-5 other locksmiths I called, these guys had the most competitive pricing. HIghly recommend
Israel D.
I got locked out, they were the closest to me, they gave me a great deal and were in and out in less than 15 minutes. Fast, cheap, and professional.
susie p.
BEWARE. I am honestly baffled by the 5-star reviews and feel obligated to warn others. I was in NY for a friend's wedding and the lock on our airbnb busted our second day there. I called these guys based on their positive reviews and, as some others have said, the pricing just kept going up. The guy arrived after about an hour, and I was quoted $65 for a house call. He did not even attempt to pick or repair the lock. Within three minutes he'd drilled the lock out, and said I owed $175. Then he said to install a new lock would bring the total to $450 or something. I was stunned, and told him that was impossible. It was a cheap lock from the corner store. Then he said it would be $320. I couldn't leave a hole in the apartment door, so I asked him to just finish installing the lock. Then he says he only accepts cash, and proceeds to follow me from ATM to ATM while I withdraw enough to pay. Do NOT use this place.
Emily G.
I accidentally locked myself out of my bedroom. It's a push lock on the inside with key entry on the outside. I called these guys and got a quote of $125. They showed up and didn't even attempt to unlock the door. Instead they explained they couldn't pick that kind of lock and drilled a hole into my door knob. You know, maybe they can't but there sure seem to be a lot of folks on YouTube who can. But hey, they door was opened. Next comes the billing. When I called for the quote they didn't mention it was 65$ just to get them out there PLUS $125... But since they drilled my door open they bumped that $125 to $185...we're now at $250. Of course there's tax to use a credit card so grand total was $272. Three stars because I get to sleep in my bed tonight thanks to them. If you're going to scalp me at least be straight up about it on the phone. My advice- negotiate cost when your locksmith arrives and don't be afraid to call an alternative if they can't pick the lock.
Vincent B.
Fast, easy to book, offered the best price among other locksmiths, and friendly. Highly recommend them.
Kim K.
Arthur and his crew showed up really quickly on a Sunday evening and was able to replace my deadbolt lock really quickly within ten or fifteen minutes. He also suggested that I didn't need to replace my original lock because it wasn't entirely broken. But I told him that I'd rather upgrade to a sturdier Segel lock that he recommended. He was honest with pricing and the lock works great. He also said I could text him if anything was wrong with the lock. Thanks for helping me and I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a locksmith! Thank you!!
Gary R.
Really phenomenal service, in terms of scheduling and workmanship. I mistakenly booked an appointment on President's Day, when my building was closed for repairs. Arthur didn't even blink at this fact and simply said he'd come again the following day. He even refused to accept $20 for making him come out unnecessarily that day. Next day, Arthur was in continual contact regarding timing when he was delayed a bit, and came over ASAP. His work was excellent, and he once again didn't flinch when the work appeared more difficult than he'd figured. In addition, Arthur is incredibly personable and a pleasure to work with. He stayed until I was absolutely satisfied w/ everything, telling me to just call if there are any problems and he would come back right away. This is the kind of service you don't see too often anymore, and it was a pleasure to work with him and NYC Locksmith Expert. Highly recommend for anyone requiring locksmith service in NYC!!!
Diego C.
After calling their number, they showed up in 10 minutes. The technician was very professional and had all the appropriate tools for the job. They took 20 minutes to get the job well done and 2 days later I got a call from the owner (Eric) to follow up about the service. Highly recommended, they are true experts. :)
Clive S.
Beware Classic scam. The guy on the phone and the locksmith both quoted one price - which was outrageous for the work being done, but we were in a pinch, so agreed to have the work done. Once the work was done, the number changed - they said it would be $100 more, and that they had been saying that all along and we were lying and trying to scam them. Right. We're scamming the locksmiths. They then tried to add a "service fee" of $60 and refused to leave. Only when we told them they could call the police to discuss their scam did they quickly take payment for the original amount and leave. I'd take a good hard look at the rest of the reviews of this company. Sound repetitive and formulaic like the same person wrote them? Stay far, far away.
Kat G.
Warning: these guys are complete scam artists! They will raise their quote after they've done the work. Also add random fees like a service fee on top of installation fees. Do not hire them! You will regret it! No ethics and completely overcharged. Yikes.
Stephanie P.
Incredible service! I was locked inside my apartment & had to take apart the whole lock to get out. I called NYC Locksmith and within an hour they showed up at my door on a Sunday! Not only was the service fast and well done, I was told up front of all the possible outcomes and costs. The locksmith was will to try everything in order to save on costs before replacing the whole lock. Luckily the lock was able to be fixed in the cheapest way! I would definitely recommend!
Syma P.
Eric was the man who came over and helped me change the lock on my door. I called him and within the hour my lock had been changed! Very friendly, reliable, and very reasonably priced! Whenever I need a locksmith again I'll definitely be using them again.
Alexandria M.
Extremely helpful, fast, reliable, and best rate I could find in the area. These guys are fair and efficient. They came right away when I got locked out of my bedroom. I highly recommend calling them for lock services
Farah A.
I don't know how this place has 5 stars. If I could give 0 stars, I would. Oddly my lock got jammed and I got locked inside my apartment. They sent someone, and then started drilling and doing other ridiculous things. Only to say in the middle it's going to cost more than $500 including service charge. They didn't ask before they started work. Management lowered it to $240 cash $260 credit. But that scumbag of a locksmith ended up charging me $280. Oh and the icing on the cake: 2 weeks later, I'm locked in again, and they want to charge me for sending someone out to fix the lock THEY DIDNT INSTALL CORRECTLY. Not enough bad things to say about this place.
Mike S.
I called and asked for a locksmith, they said they would send someone to "give me a quote". Two men showed up, assessed the lock and said it would be $225 for the service. I declined, then was able to get into my apartment with help from my neighbor. They then tried to charge me a "service fee" for the quote of $140. I told them I wouldn't pay, they then moved the "service fee" to $60. There was never any service. Yes, I realize they came to my assistance, but this should be mentioned when I placed the call. Ridiculous. Extremely rude. Would never use them again.
Y T.
Arthur came in under 15min and fixed my jammed lock in under 10min. He was super nice and very professional. Would recommend him to anyone needing a locksmith!
Simon F.
Arthur came by within an hour of my call. I wasn't locked out, just needed a cylinder replaced. He came right over and replaced it in 3 minutes. The price was also well under what I expected. I highly recommend the service.
Morgan M.
Arthur and Steve came to my aid in less than 10 minutes. They were incredibly professional and helpful. They went above and beyond, and explained to me everything they were working on. I would definitely recommend their services. Thank you Arthur and Steve.