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Newyork Lock Experts

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311 E 105th St
Manhattan, NY 10029
201012 years in business
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Fax: (347) 566-0826
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Newyork Lock Experts — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 311 E 105th St, Manhattan, NY 10029. Newyork Lock Experts has been in business for 12 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Emergency, Safe field. This business is opened 24 hours. You can contact them by (347) 566-0826, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 8 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Newyork Lock Experts, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Diana P.
Owner was great and courteous. They arrived on time especially when I needed to have my locks done right away. My key was all rusty so it left the top of my key in the lock and I couldn't find a way to close my door. But they were there when I needed them and as quick as they could too! Not so much for the price too! One to go to if you need locks to be done.
Miss A.
When you call they are courteous. When you make an appointment they are accommodating and very punctual. I got a window gate for $475. Handed over a $200 deposit on Friday. By Wednesday the gate was installed neatly, safely, and efficiently and I paid the remaining $275. Could have been sooner if I had paid between Monday & Thursday. I got my gate in white but it also comes in black. I'm gonna paint it glittery anyway (cuz that's how I roll) and I figured the white would be easier to cover up. Btw--there is no real physical location. You call and they show up.
Toy L.
I called to install an extra lock on my apartment door. The guy arrived on time and installed the lock in under 20 minutes. I take a star away because the service is crazy expensive for 15 minutes of work and dude left a mess in my entryway However, I am very satisfied and would use them again if I am in need.
HamzaHoney B.
This review is LONG overdue. After subleasing my apartment for a few months i needed to (a) get rid of the nasty chic I let stay here & (b) get the locks changed ASAP. I made an appointment with another locksmith a day before and he was scheduled to be at my place at 2pm. Well 2pm came & went and he said he was stuck downtown and couldn't make it until 2:30, which turned to 3:30 or maybe 4pm. I had an appointment at 4pm & told him I was just going to call a different locksmith since he could't make it..... All of a sudden he said he'd be at my apartment within 15 minutes. ANYWAY, i told him he was full of sh*t & just wasted my time. After a very quick search on Yelp,, I found Newyork Lock Experts. The locksmith, I think his name is Adam, showed up in about 10 minutes, installed a very secure heavy-duty lock and the price was very reasonable. This was back in January 2014, five months later I needed to change the deadbolt & Adam - showed up very fast, changed the lock and the price was once again very reasonable. He's a nice locksmith and he provides very quick and reliable service without the shadiness you may encounter with other people!
Michelle M.
I lost my keys on the subway, and my name and address is attached so I decide to change my locks...my super was able to open the door for me but he didn't had the locks to change it for me so I called New York lock experts after the regular day hours, and I found nothing but great prompt service! In no time Adam showed up at my door and quickly changed 2 locks on my door . I'm happy with the service and defiantly will use this guys again If I need locksmiths.
Zack M.
It's always nice to find another trustworthy locksmith company Me and my friend got locked out of his apartment in Upper east side Call these company . the technician arrive after 25 minutes Open the door for us with no damage The price was very sane and normal Thank you guys!
Jose F.
It was Sunday, late afternoon early evening and I was locked out of my apartment. I found this company through Yelp and gave them a call, after having several other locksmiths refuse to come out. The locksmith arrived at my apartment within fifteen minutes of having placed the call. The locksmith this company sent was very professional, friendly, and competent. He was through my door, which required the lock to be drilled out, in less than three minutes. He also carried an assortment of replacement cylinders, allowing me to choose the level of security I wanted. On top of that, the locksmith also accepted credit cards. That said, the only reason I cannot give this company five stars is that they were expensive. Very expensive. My total bill was just shy of $350.00. But what can I do? Some may say I'm a sucker, others may say the locksmith was using predatory pricing tactics. All I can say is that it was late on Sunday and I was assed out. There was no other way into my apartment and so that is the price I had to pay. Next time, I'll remember to take my keys with me.
Lenora P.
Long story short, my roommate went bananas and was scaring me, so I felt it necessary to change my bedroom doorknob. Do I know how to do that myself? Sadly, no. So I called these fine gentlemen (and possibly ladies? I only interacted with men) and from call to payment, it took under 45 minutes. Adam was the kindest technician ever, and they even gave me a discount because I said I found them through Yelp. My only issues were the overall price (90 dollars for doorknob w/ keys and installation, I was told later by a friend she could have gotten me a knob for 20 bucks and put it in for me for free - youch) and the fact that it took three tries calling them before anyone answered the call. Overall, easy and friendly. If you need a locksmith, these guys are pretty darn good.