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monKeys Locksmith

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265 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016
198240 years in business
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monKeys Locksmith — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 265 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016. monKeys Locksmith has been in business for 40 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Emergency, Safe field and have a store. This business is opened now and will be closed in 7 hours 51 minutes. You can contact them by (212) 986-9800, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 25 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of monKeys Locksmith, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Marisa V.
I had a great experience with monKeys, and it's clear why they've been in business for so long. Jeff and Joe were very helpful with setting up and confirming the details of my lock change, which I needed because I recently moved into my place. The price was very reasonable. They showed up on time and job was done right. I definitely would use them again.
Marilyn R.
The best !!!Very honest people I was locked out of my house with key inside topped by store as live close Not the first time I used this business At store was quoted price to remove and reinstall a lockcad I told them,I,needed removal and installation. I met field locksmith at my house not to long after He said he first wanted to try to open door without removing old lock -did not guarantee but wanted to try He was able to so I saved myself money He could have just removed lock and I would not have known difference That is very honest!!! I saved money Plus I have keys made the keys always work just fine I would encourage anybody that needs eany type of locksmith work done to please use this business they are very nice people and very honest and reasonable they have been in business in Murray Hill a very long time and they service a large area outside of where they are located Give them a try
Ana S.
Went in to get 2 keys copied. They chose the wrong thickness for one of them so the key did not work! Should be more careful next time.
Nisrit G.
great service! quick and easy. i was locked out of my room and monkeys helped me pick the lock all through the phone
Neel G.
Rip off artists. Find another locksmith. Our coop management company called them to change the lock on my mailbox. I spoke to Jeff on the phone to schedule the appointment Thursday. He refused to quote me a price or give me any indication of cost but said he had a deal with the management company. We schedule an appointment for Monday 9:30 am. On Monday, I call at 9:56am and he clearly forgot about me. Then he says he'll have a guy over in 30 minutes. Around 10:30 the guy shows up, spends 4 minutes swapping out the lock and yesterday, I get a bill for $136. I call Jeff and tell him it's an unreasonable price and that it's sketchy he wouldn't quote me a price initially when I asked. He yells at me that he doesn't deal with customers and he doesn't care if I feel cheated by his business. If you decide to use him, good luck. Better off taking your business anywhere else.
Bryant R.
When you need a key made, go to a real locksmith. Having had keys made the prior day which did not work, and upon inspection did not even resemble the original key, I stopped by this place having seen the sign. The locksmith made the new keys, which took another place almost 45 minutes to do incorrectly, correctly in under five minutes.
Charlie F.
Great place! Needed 2 keys made and I was in and out in under 5 mins for $5. The guy was super nice and I didn't even have to take my keys off the ring.
Matt L.
I didn't use the service of monKeys locksmith, but did have an interaction with their business. I called them up and explained my situation (I was locked out). I wanted to know how much it would roughly cost to fix the entire problem, and the guy said over the phone he couldn't give me a quote until he saw the problem, and would have to send someone over. I then asked him what if the problem couldn't be fixed, or if I decide not use their service after getting an official price quote, and the man on the phone told me that to come down to do a house call, even just to look at the problem, would cost $125 dollars. My house is only a 10 minute drive from this place, or a 27 minute walk, so I'm not sure how that distance comes out to a $125 price tag, and for no work done either. This places seems like a huge rip, and I'm glad I didn't utilize their services.
Thomas B.
Fast, reasonably priced installation of a new door lock. Efficient and thoroughly tested service and work.
Max J.
have known jeff and joe and now oscar for many years. They know their stuff. They fixed our electric door strike, wiring and buzzer in a professional manner and price is excellent. Honest , reliable, on time and job well done. I highly recommend them. Thanks guys again!!!!
Melissa S.
The customer service here is great! Jeff, who helped me today was beyond helpful and very quick since he knew I was in a rush. I was in and out within five minutes. I would recommend going here if you are looking for great customer service and friendly welcoming staff! Thanks again Jeff
Roye G.
I'm a Locksmith from top notch in East Village NYC, sometime I have a job in Midtown And it happens that I'm missing a part or I need Mul T Lock copy keys monkeys is the right place, Jeff The owner very friendly and nice guy I highly recommend the place. Thanks guys
Theesh M.
Friendly service, very reasonable prices, took just 2 minutes for key duplication. Absolutely no complaints. Note: $10 minimum for credit cards ($1 charge for credit cards if total is under $10).
Marilyn R.
Excellent work and reliable friendly staff All key cutting is accurate - also lock installation Place has been in business for many years
Josephine Z.
These guys don't "monkey" around! (I bet they've never heard THAT before.) I needed 5 keys made, and I was out of here in no more than 5 minutes. At $2.50 each, and at this kind of speediness of service, you can't go wrong. One of the keys was a brolic-looking one, and was $4 to make, but the guy even offered to copy it into a different size to maintain the pricing. Really appreciated the extra mile, and glad to bring all my key making business here.
Mike P.
They were great - quickly copied an old mailbox key that at least two stores told me was "impossible" to duplicate. Great price too.
Johnathan F.
Very solid locksmith. Has been doing this for a long time. No bs, just quality skills
Veronica C.
These guys are amazing!! I am always scared about locksmiths cause I have heard some crazy stories. I am so glad I found them through yelp trusted the reviews and went in for a spare set of keys. I was in and out in under 5 mins but I wish I. Oils have stayed longer and chatted with them cause they are hilarious. The guy even gave me a different color key for my front door!! Amazing above and beyond service. Yea I cant believe in this excited over a set of spare keys. It it's been on my to do list forever and if I had found these guys sooner I could have saved myself a lot of shame.
Alex S.
Yoel was amazing. He made a house call on the weekend to change all my locks and got here in record time. I am so grateful that he was here to explain the different locks and helped me practice opening them. He really put my mind at ease. Great service and price. Highly recommend!!
David M.
I've had them make key copies for me for years but recently had them put new locks on my apartment door. They were able to do it while the door was being painted during a hallway renovation, which meant that the installation was very clean and attractive. They were prompt, efficient and courteous. Jeff knows a lot about his field so he's interesting to talk to. Yoel is careful and explains what he's doing. The shop has a display board with a lot of traditional NYC hardware on it, so instead of talking about "that thingie" you know what the proper terminology is. These guys are really solid.
Mark P.
i had a horrible experience with this locksmith. I would recommend using any company besides monKEYS.
Jose Mendez
very fast and efficient
Alan Guy
Quick service and good conversation. Took them ten minutes to do what would have taken one of the store kiosks thirty.
Joonhwan Park
Had to copy a door key. The guy at the counter asked me $20 for a key because it was a difficult one to copy. And he was not really friendly at all, but didn’t care. Minimum for credit card was $10, so I handed over my card. And this guy charged me with extra credit card fee without noticing me beforehand!! If I had knew that he was going to charge a fee, I would have paid by cash. And OF COURSE, the key did not work. The copied one had creepy quality so that even my eyes could catch the difference from the original one. I will never visit this place again.
Thomas Ball
Excellent, reasonably priced installation of a new lock. Fast, efficient and very thorough testing of the work.