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14 W 90th St
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Metro Local Locksmith — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 14 W 90th St, New York, NY 10024. Metro Local Locksmith has been in business for 14 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Emergency, Safe field. This business is opened 24 hours. You can contact them by (646) 450-6320, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 20 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Metro Local Locksmith, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Jim M.
I had a very good experience w/ Metro Local Locksmith. I have what seems to be a unique mortise-style door lock. I wanted a smart lock and I ended up purchasing one that wouldn't fit (this was explained to me on my first communication w/ Metro via Yelp). Ben patiently walked me through their recommendations given my situation, and showed me which locks they recommend. I ended up purchasing one they recommended. They quoted me the price for the installation, and also recommended I change out my existing cylinder as well with a more secure "Mul-T-Lock". We ended up having to reschedule our first visit due to building rules that I wasn't aware of, but on the next possible day Izzy came out and completed the install for us, and he did a great job. We have a metal fire door and he had no issues drilling the necessary holes to install our new smart deadbolt, which now just sits above the existing door handle we already had (which now works as a passive door handle, which we can lock when we want for extra security). Anyway, great experience, friendly and patient guys, and efficient workers. Would definitely recommend them!
Lisa P.
I locked myself out of my apartment on Thursday evening. Ben was not only extremely responsive with his quote, but stuck to it. He was lovely, helpful, and very quick. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
John O.
Was very pleased with their service. Called at 7:30 a.m. and they had a guy at my apartment just after 11 a.m. to replace a front door lock system and improve a bathroom lock system. Izzy (sp.) was great, very professional, diligent, and courteous and did not leave until he made sure everything worked just right. I won't say it was cheap, but I got everything I paid for and in a very timely manner. Would recommend them to anyone.
William G.
It happened to me. I lost my keys while commuting to and from school. The keys to my building, my apartment, and my mailbox were not the issue, as my supt was able to replace them. The issue was that I also lost keys to my safe, and I had no alternative copies. I had no choice but to call a locksmith to have the safe opened. The locksmith was honest with me, and told me that the safe would more than likely be unusable afterward. I was fine with this, and we set an appointment. The appointment was the same day, in the evening time. The locksmith came to my place, got my safe opened, and squared me away in less than 30 minutes. The payment was hassle-free as well, I was able to pay with credit card. The tech was a nice guy, and even though there was a significant language barrier, the guy worked very efficiently. These folks are a G-d send, they helped turn my day around. Thanks for the excellent service!
Nikki K.
Ben and EZ were both above and beyond as humans and as locksmiths! They were quick to arrive, very calm and collected, and not to mention great at their job, making being locked in or out as easy as possible. And they even made time to pet my friends cat Roux, once the job was complete! It is never a super fun experiences anytime you're locked in or out of an apartment - let alone if they both happen all in the same day! However, the more time you spend with someone or a company, the better you know them! And I can full heartily say, Ben's company is one that cares and will do a good job to make sure things are right and your locks are as they should be! What a crazy day it was, reminding us truly anything is possible! And I'm grateful my friend and I had each other to laugh it through. We walked away with a pretty ridiculous story and our favorite go-to Locksmiths for any lock out needs! PS -- I'm the friend in Kalin's review :)
Kalin S.
Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. My friend and I were having the worst day. We were up late, got little sleep and then both had early meetings. My friend who was staying with me had to leave first and tried to do so while I was still asleep. Then, after struggling with the door a bit, she woke me up and said, "sorry, but I think something is wrong with your door". Annoyed, I got up and thought she didn't know how to unlock it, but then I realized, nope she was doing everything right, we were stuck! Freaking out we called Metro Local Locksmith and EZ showed up right away, he moved quickly, was funny and explained what he was doing as he did it, which I appreciate. A new door handle was installed and off we went in time to make it to our meetings. Then, surprise! I get home and realize like an idiot, I left the key to the new doorknob inside, yep, you heard me correctly. Twice in one day. My friend and I had massive headaches and were trying to laugh, but were almost in tears. We called Metro and spoke to the owner Ben who couldn't have been more compassionate. He rushed over and gave us an insanely fair price. He also told us he had dealt with people who had locked themselves out more than twice in one day. Also, they are great with cats. Both EZ and Ben couldn't have been sweeter to my cat Roux. This is all to say, whether you lock yourself out once, twice or even four times in one day you should be calling Metro. They are so good and are able to make something that sucks way easier to handle.
Madelene T.
I used Metro Local Locksmith to replace a deadbolt in an existing lock. I could not have been more pleased. Ben himself came because his employees were delayed on another job and he wanted to be sure that I wasn't left waiting (in fact, he called me to come even earlier than scheduled). The lock had a plate over it and the bolts had been painted over to match the door. Ben was very careful when removing the bolts to make sure there was no damage to the door paint. He's also a very nice guy. He will definitely become my go-to locksmith for all future work.
Nina N.
We received excellent service from Metro Local Locksmith. We left our car key inside the car by accident and called them for help. Ben showed up within a few minutes, he was very friendly and professional. Even though our case wasn't an easy one, he patiently worked on our car and finally was able to open the door. I would highly recommend them to everyone and would have given more stars if I could!
Melissa F.
I called Metro to open a safe and I don't think it's possible for them to have been more professional and kind. Ben was so fantastic I immediately called them for another item I needed assistance with. Use Metro - you won't be disappointed!
Karen Z.
I needed a lock on my door IMMEDIATELY, however it was not to keep people out but to keep my dog in! My newly adopted dog, Lucy, figured out out to unlock the door and get outside. She was found roaming the hallways and thank gosh nothing bad had happened to her. Ben recommended a jimmy proof deadbolt. He came right over and installed it quickly and quietly. He even tested to make sure that the hum of the drill wouldn't bother Lucy! Ben was so caring that he made sure that the teensy bit of metal filings were swept up so that Lucy wouldn't get any on her paw pads. He installed the lock so cleanly that it looked like it had always been there. It also made me realize what a flimsy lock I had on my door to begin with. Now I feel more safe and secure in my own home but more importantly I have peace of mind knowing that my new "Lucy proof" lock is in place for when I am not at home. And the icing on the cake was that when Ben dropped off extra keys he brought Lucy a super special dog treat! I highly recommend Ben for all people and animal locksmith needs!!!
Amy W.
We had an issue with the lock that Metro installed as well as the service but Ben accommodated us and issued a full refund without any issue. For the follow-up service, Metro deserves 5 stars.
Zoe M.
The guys at Metro Local Locksmith are diligent, efficient and professional. Ben is very responsive and will cater to all your locksmith needs. Definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy locksmith!
Sol S.
I want to thank Ben and publicly announce the great level of satisfaction with his 5 STAR service along with relief that I have finally found a locksmith in Manhattan that I trust. Not only is he honest, but he deserved a tip after his service. Thank you Benjemin!
Courtney K.
I had a great experience with them. They came to install a dead bolt but noticed my door and frame weren't built for the one them brought. Instead of trying to upsell me Nick suggested I just replace the existing lock with a safer bolt. I so truly appreciated the speed and the professionalism of Nick and his associate. Thank you guys!
Johanna B.
Absolute best service! Fast and super friendly! I locked myself out of my apartment and not to shortly after I was back in, new lock. There passion shines through! I can not recommend enough!!!
David K.
I own a business in the upper east side. I needed my locks changed and upgraded. Metro Local Locksmith was great find and fit for us. Quick easy and friendly service.
Lauren M.
A friend referred me to Ben from Metro. He was fast to respond and incredibly helpful. I needed a video intercom system replaced in my apartment and had a small window of time to get it done. Ben fit me into his schedule and had my new system set up and running in time for me to get back to work. He was also very patient with my nosey dog that had to watch everything that was happening. I would recommend this company for any of your intercom needs.
Dani K.
Thank you Metro Locksmiths!!! Saved my life today. I car battery died and I couldn't get inside the car because it is automated. A guy named Ben came and open my car without breaking anything in a matter of 5 min. Didn't overcharge me either. Good people I recommend
Karin J.
Ben at Metro Local Locksmith was amazing. I was in a bind and he helped me out, with the utmost courtesy, promptness, and professionalism. I would not hesitate to use his services again, and I highly recommend his services.
Judy H.
Ben truly came to the rescue last night when my four year old was sleeping in a locked room that we didn't have the keys for. He was at our place in less than 20 minutes and drilled through the door without waking her up!!! What could be better??