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Y&B Locksmith Brooklyn, NY

420 Kingston Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225
198930 years in business
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Additional number: (917) 295-1211
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(Full week)
Monday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM-2:30 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday 9:00 AM-8:00 PM
Business will be opened in 19 hours 37 minutes
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Ed D.
Came in. Rescued tenant. Chsrged only 50 dollars. Really smart friendly and great sense of humor....perfect for a stressful situation!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!
Lawrence H.
Yakov's prices were the best of the three locksmiths I called - they were reasonable and fair. He was very responsive and answered messages promptly. And most importantly, when he showed up he was very competent. The man knows his stuff! He didn't just repair the broken latch on my door, he reinstalled the knob so that it was more secure than before.

I asked him about installing a deadbolt on another door in the house. I was worried about finding a deadbolt that matched the finishes of the knobs. He researched and found a matching deadbolt that was inexpensive and secure. Once again he not only did a great job with the deadbolt, but noticed that one of the plates on the knob was backwards, and also that the latch wasn't fully catching so the door could be pushed open with just a little force. He fixed all that, at no extra charge, and did a great job with the deadbolt too.

Very happy with him, will use him again for any locksmith work. Highly recommended.
Lika T.

You spend $50 for the man to come (although quickly) to unlock the deadbolt with a lock pick kit you can buy yourself with a technique you can teach yourself through online videos.

Save your money and get a kit and learn. It will save you money... and the follow up money you will have to pay once Yakov comes.

Here is where the fun part about Yakov comes in... he broke my deadbolt lock in the process of unlocking it and refuses to fix it but even better, he refuses to acknowledge that he broke it.

So essentially, I paid $50 for Yakov to come to my house in twenty minutes to BREAK my deadbolt lock so I can get in.... so I can pay to have it fixed.

At least acknowledge that you broke the lock.  

This is Brooklyn and now my front door cant lock.

Thank you Yakov for breaking my deadbolt lock.

As a young woman in her early twenties, I feel entirely safe now.
Ashleigh G.
Super amazing. Yacob said he would be there in 5 and he was. Very professional and kind. Was able to pick the lock instead of break it. Only $50. Hope I never have to call again but will if I need to.
Peter N.
Great service, reasonable fee, pleasant, quick!   Would use again!
Shakima M.
So I'm  thoroughly impressed and appreciative for the service I received from Yakov. He got to me fast, he worked fast, his price was very fair and his work was efficient. He did not stop until the locks he installed for me were functioning smoothly and effortlessly. We had purchased our own locks and he didn't seem bothered by that at all. He was professional and knowledgeable on the phone, giving me a quote without hesistation. When he finished the work, he honored the price he told me. I had called other locksmiths that had good reveiews on Yelp before reaching out to Yakov. They were surprisingly very rude, overpriced and they didn't  seem interested in helping me. I had planned on scheduling the work to be done on the next day but Yakov was willing to come to me the same evening without a problem. I'd refer him to others and use him again.
Jay A.
Got locked out of my house this guy showed up asap and replaced the part that was broke for a very affordable price very honest as well they tried to help me fix it over the phone before anything highly recommend.
R H.
Got locked out of my apt and called Y&B Locksmith. He showed up in less than 10 minutes, and opened my door in less than 1 minute. Cost was very reasonable as well. Would highly recommend.
prim r.
Called first to inquire about duplicating a high security key. The man who answered asked some pointed questions to help decipher my key type and whether they could do it, the cost, etc. The hours displayed online weren't accurate, but I was informed that the locksmith is connected to a copy shop next door that is open til 8:00 and he told me they'd be able to duplicate my key. I went and they did at a lower price I was quoted at another key duplication place in the area. It is not a polished establishment, per se--small, older and buzzing with various services inside commensurate with the feel of other Jewish establishments in the neighborhood. But there was order to the chaos and the shopkeepers addressed me very quickly and with courtesy when I entered. Diverse clientele all with a friendly and satisfied neighborhoody air. This will be my go-to for key duplication in Crown Heights. Oh, make sure you bring the card that goes with your high security key.
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Wisberg and Daughter Locksmith Jersey City, NJ

115 Ocean Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07305
200019 years in business
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Additional number: (201) 331-6860
Closed Now
Saturday Closed
(Full week)
Monday 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Business will be opened in 43 hours 37 minutes
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Davina J.
My family was lockout our house and I looked on yelp for 24 hour service locksmith. I'm so happy with this company! Issac called and gave an eta and was very professional . I was in my house in minutes. I would used them in the future. Plus 1 service.
Cristina R.
Super easy to schedule service, very professional and quick service. The locksmith called when he was on his way and explained everything as he did it. Will use again!
Diana A.
I would like to comment on the professionalism of Isaac. i needed my doors re-keyed and called Wisberg and daughter in Jersey City.
Spoke to an operator who said a tech would call me shortly. I received an immediate call from tech in the field (Isaac). He said he would be there in 30 minutes..He was very professional and explained everything to me. He immediately re-keyed to to locks on my door. He used original keys to maker of my door locks...not aftermarket parts or keys..prompt, professional and very courteous. Will recommend to anyone who needs locksmith services. 100% satisfied customer.
reasonable pricing as well.
Rob K.
No troubles.  Locksmith came quickly and was able to remedy the lockout
Teng C.
We got locked out of our bathroom and our landlord was out of town for the weekend. You can imagine how much of a problem this would have been. Danny came by and picked the lock not once, but twice! Problem solved!
Rich B.
Issac from South Plainfield came out and helped me when a key broke in my business' door. He not only got it out but my door and lock both work SO MUCH BETTER then they did before! I can't recommend them enough, also fantastic price compared to our usual guy who won't work weekends.
Roz M.
Tonight I came home to a particularly interesting problem.  I lock my door; all cozy and comfy, in for the night.  Oops, it's trash night.  I gather my trash and go to open my door and realize..I CAN'T GET OUT!!!!  I'm trapped from the inside.   I jiggle my lock....jiggle jiggle jiggle.  Nope she's not budging.   I thank the Lord there is no fire or I'd be nice and crispy right now.   I look on Yelp and find wonderful reviews about Wisberg and Daughter and to my fortune I chose wisely.   My locksmith was amazing. He smoothed out the lock and did his locksmith thing with the greatest of expertise!  He explained what he was doing the whole way.  I highly, highly recommend.  He was also very good looking( does that count?). I didn't say anything because I was concentrated on my lock but I did notice that he was very very handsome.   Thank you Wisberg and Daughter for sending me expertise and sexy at the same time.
adam z.
Isaac was on time, professional, and extremely helpful. He was able to extract a broken key that would have been a huge headache to replace. Isaac was also able to realign a bolt on a custom made lock. I would absolutely recommend his work to anybody!
Sonia R.
Daniel was amazing picking my lock in less than 10 mins! Fair price and great customer service!
K K.
Isaac was very prompt and professional.  Super easy to work with! He explained the whole process and made me feel at ease.  He is a lock pick master!
Samantha D.
Isaac is very professional & super friendly! Advised us with our options before changing the locks & changed the locks within said time frame. Great service including the confirmation phone call from Anthony. Will definitely recommend to others. Thank you again!
Volki I.
Isaac was extremely professional and on time. He came and picked my lock while other companies were suggesting to drill and charge outrageous price to replace the while thing. I am very satisfied with the work that was done and I highly recommend this company.
Jeisy C.
Got locked out of my condo and they sent someone out in less than 20 minutes. Issac, the technician, came out and without doing any damage to my door opened it! Thanks for the professionalism and attention to detail. I hope I don't get locked out again but if I did I will use their services!
Lindsey W.
Isaac and Chris gave great service. They were honest about how long it would take and Isaac used special techniques to avoid drilling--saved a lot and didn't damage the locks or door. This was after I called two other companies that would either take hours or weren't honest and didn't show up on time. Couldn't be happier! Call them first!
William C.
Excellent and professional locksmith company! They came to Newark to deal with a 3 unit apartment building and handled everything perfectly. I highly recommend them!
Allison K.
Ron came very quick, opened the door in less than a minute, didn't damage it at all, very professional.
Sudip R.
Gotta have a duplicate car key for garage owner. Got this Locksmith service in a reasonable price and in a very timely manner. I am from Journal Square, and they served me coming from Bayonne directly to my address. Hope this helps. Cheers!
M U.
Locksmith came within quoted 20min. Opened my door without any damage - couldn't have asked for more.
Marta Š.
Keepers!!I live in North Bergen and out of 10 other places that are just trying to rip you off or tell you to call back and they don't  these were the only professional ones! Isac came over very fast and did his job very fast and at a reasonable price! Well done!
Eric Z.
Rapid response and service. Issac (tech) showed up under an hour from my initial call. Very friendly and replaced lock within minutes. Very well priced. I recommend this service to anyone in the area.
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Alco Lock & Safe New York, NY

405 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10174
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Thane T.
Knowledgeable and helpful even though they didn't handle the residential locks I was inquiring about. If you have an office related security issue, these guys seem to be the ones to go to.
Victoria V.
Nice guys in the shop but they don't do residential locksmithing or key cutting anymore.  They were kind enough to give me info about another locksmith at nearby tho.
L C.
Unfortunately, as of March 1, 2012, Alco stopped cutting residential keys. I found this out when I went there today to get my apartment keys duplicated, but they kindly recommended Monkey's, on 39th and Madison. It was very nice of them to offer a replacement locksmith.
Varun G.
This place does not do keys anymore. They refrer you out to 265 Madison - Mankeys. That one is pretty good - 2 bucks for a key and its incredibly fast.
Natalie L.
Very quick and cheap (3 keys for less than $5), the guys in there were friendly too.

Like other customers I discovered it was hard to find. This shop is in the Chrysler Building's shopping arcade in the basement of the Chrysler Building. You need to go in the big grand Chryslet Building 405 Lexington entrance and once you're in the lobby go downstairs (black stairs to the right as you come in the 405 entrance), then head left at the bottom of the stairs to find the shop. The little shop isn't pretty, but it gets the job done quickly & cheaply.
Louise P.
I come out of Grand Central and think is the closest locksmith to the station. It's located downstairs so it took me a few minutes wandering around 405 Lexington until I figured it out.
It's a small space but not busy at 10 am. They cut a key for me in less than a minute. It was $1.57 with tax or something like that. I will definitely be back the next time I need a key. There is a weird shortage of locksmiths in midtown.
Colleen L.
Incredibly quick, efficient and friendly. $1.50 for a house key - I think that's cheap, right? AND I can get there from my office entirely underground. It makes me feel like I'm getting a key cut not for my apartment... but for my top secret superhero lair!

I had no cash on me (doh) so I ran up to the ATM, and when I came back to pay them, and thank them, they said 'wow, we're just happy you came back'. How horrid are Midtown suits that they would be surprised by me paying for my key??! Sad.
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Locksmith Service 24 Hour Jersey City, NJ

398A Manila Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07302
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Thu V.
Nope. Never again.  The slimey locksmiths that they send out try to pull a "bait and switch"-like tactic on unsuspecting females. They tried to charge me $295 to pick my door lock!  But they didn't pull one over on ME!  Think again, b*tch.

Finding myself locked out of my apartment last night with no spare, my landlord was a 2 hour drive away, and my super was an hour away.  He suggested I call a locksmith to pick the lock, because it wouldn't be expensive and they would get there quicker than he would.  He gave me 3 numbers, I called this one. Nope. NEVER AGAIN.

The lady said  that it would be $45 and he would be out there in 20 minutes.  The guy calls and confirms he will be out here in 20 mins.  An HOUR passes.  Finally, he gets here as I'm waiting in my lobby.  He calls me on my cell phone while he is double parked outside of my building and tries to get me to stand outside and guard his car so he won't get a ticket.  I told him NO, and it's not my problem if he double parks.  He says that if he gets one, who is going to pay? implying that I should volunteer.  TOUGH LUCK, buddy, I've been waiting for you for an HOUR.

We walk to my apartment door.  
Locksmith: it is $65.  
Me: Um, no, the lady told me it would be $45.  
L: Oh OK, $45.

L: You have a heavy duty lock.  If I can open it with just a regular pick, it would be $55.  
M: What?  It's supposed to be only $45.
L: Well, that's just for me to get here, $55 if I can open the door.
M: What? no, it's $45 for the SERVICE.  You haven't done anything yet.
L: No it's $45 for the appointment. Give me $55 if I can open the door with my pick.
M: No, $45 for SERVICE.  Just like I would pay $50 for a cable guy to fix my cable.  Not $50 to RESERVE an appointment.  $45 is not a RETAINER FEE.
L: I don't know.  If I open the door, its $55.  It's up to you.
M (annoyed, but wanting to get in my door): Whatever.  $55 instead of $45, IF you get this door open? but only $45 if you don't get it open?
L: Yes, $55 if I open the door.
M: Whatever, just open my door.
He sticks a metal rod in the key hole and wiggles it for 10 seconds.  It does nothing.

L: Well, now if I use my "special" tools, it would be $195.
L: $195. and I don't know if it will open your door.
M: You've got to be kidding me.
L: Lady, do you want to get in your apartment?
M: You haven't done anything for me yet! It is supposed to be $45 for service, and I haven't received any service from you at all!
L: It's only $195 if I can open your door with my special tools.  Otherwise, you can call another locksmith and wait another hour. What do you want to do? it's $195.

I give him a staredown as I call my super and tell him that he needs to get over here and bring me the extra set of keys even if I have to wait an hour.

I tell the locksmith to pack his things and get the F out of my face. (I didn't use the F-bomb, for my own safety, but I really wanted to).

He tells me then that I have to pay him $45 for the service to get out here, $55 for the first attempt, and $195 for the second attempt.  He was going to charge me $295 for doing nothing and wasting my time for 10 minutes!

M: WHAT?  It is only supposed to be $45 for SERVICE.  You have changed the price on me 3 times and I'm not buying it.  There is no additional $55 for the 1st attempt and $195 for a second attempt.  You DID NOTHING for me, but come out here.

L: Fine, then $45 plus the $55 for the first attempt.  Lady, I'm taking time out of my life to HELP YOU.  I left my wife, my newborn baby, and my sick mother to help YOU.

M (in my cold-hearted tone): NO WAY will I pay you that, you did NOTHING, I could have stood there and poked a wire metal hanger in that keyhole myself!! What do you think? You are an all-mighty doctor to be charging $300 for 10 minutes of doing nothing?! I am only paying you $45 for you coming out here and "assessing" my lock.  I'm only paying you $45 for a so-called SERVICE that was never provided.  I will only pay $45, I'M BEING GENEROUS with you.

We argue for 10 more minutes in the hallway.  Finally, he takes the $45.  He calls me a cold, mean, and rude and claimed that I am "cheating" him out of money.  I tell him to get out of here before I call the PoPo for trying to take advantage of my situation.

DO NOT use this place.  They must think they are doctors or something to charge what they tried to charge me.  BULL SH*T is what I say.  Get the F out of my face.
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