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1619 McDonald Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230
201111 years in business
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Additional number: (877) 715-6252
Fax: (800) 310-3623
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Lock and Tech USA — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 1619 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230. Lock and Tech USA has been in business for 11 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Emergency, Safe field and have a store. This business is opened 24 hours. You can contact them by (718) 758-4959, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 30 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Lock and Tech USA, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Ron L.
What made the most difference for me was the rapport that George and I built. I had three conversations with him before I convinced the owners to go with Lock and Tech. George took the time to answer all of my questions and address concerns that the owners had (I'm a property manager). The technicians repaired a busted intercom system and did a wonderful job and even cleaned up after their work was done! Sweet! I highly recommend this company! A superb find!
Sara C.
ETA: Tomer called and offered to refund us, which I really appreciate. If you're going to use this company, deal directly with Tomer, who is competent and honest, NOT Pete. Earlier review: This company charged us $509 after assuring me it would take under an hour and only cost $220, AND they broke something and had to come back another day to fix it (which meant someone had to be home at a time that was inconvenient for us). When I contacted this company for a quote, I asked for a flat rate. Pete told me that the job would take under an hour, so the total would be $220 plus tax. It ended up costing us extra time because they broke something AND it cost TWICE what we were told. I originally gave this company 5 stars because Tomer, the head electrician, is very knowledgeable and, when he came the second time to fix what the first electrician had broken, he told me the first guy should have easily spotted another problem that he missed, and, to his credit, he repaired this at no extra cost. However, after I wrote that review, Pete sent us a bill for twice what he told me the cost would be. This is after they broke something AND missed an obvious electrical issue! Avoid this company at all costs.
F M.
I am trying to have 5 cameras installed at my home and came across Lock and Tech. To date I've sent 3 emails and left 1 voicemail in a span of 2 weeks. Nothing, no response. I guess they don't need the business.
Joseph L.
So after my bad review. This company called me to apologize about what happened. They offered to give a check for the difference of the quoted price and actually price it costed. Which I happily obliged to. They have called me multiple times asking me to change their review (which I found pretty annoying). So here is the updated review. Please don't call me again. Thanks in advance.
Miss I.
Tomer is top-notch... a true professional. Service was both tidy and efficient.
Ariel S.
They were really fast and responsive. Great customer service and at a great price. Definitely recommend.
Alex F.
I recently rented a new apartment and wanted to get the locks changed. My request for a quote was answered quickly, and they were able to get a technician out to me that night. Alex was on time, able to give me an estimate, explain the benefits of my various options, and he quickly performed the service making sure that everything was working properly. Dealing with Derek over Yelp and Alex onsite was a pleasure due to their professionalism, honesty, and great work. I would highly recommend them for your lock service needs.
Seth Z.
I found these guys through yelp. We had to replace the intercom system in our 89 unit apartment building. Gabriel came to our building to show our super all the options for an intercom. We ended up going with an ABB system. Gabriel was well prepared, followed up, worked with us on terms. His technicians were professional. They stuck to the schedule we outlined. They were the only company to offer a service contract on our project covering parts and labor. I have zero complaints. They did an outstanding job. My only disappointment is that they use gmail.com as an email account instead of their domain name. Hopefully it will get fixed one day. Don't let that stop you from using their services.
Steven M.
This is the second time in a year we have used Lock & Tech (through Gabriel and Vinny), and both times we have been very satisfied. The first job was for installation of an ABB video and audio intercom last March, and then in January of this year for installation of smoke/CO2 detectors in the basement and entryway of our 3-unit coop. Although there was some difficulty getting aligned on the scope of the recent job, Gabriel the Lock & Tech president came out early the morning of the work, and the electricians improvised to meet our revised instructions. Although that required for the smoke alarms to be installed in one more place than the original estimate, they did the work without objection and without additional charges.
Dean C.
We had Vinny give us a quote on two different systems and we choose to go with the ABB Welcome video and audio intercom to upgrade our old buggy analog system into the current century ) We installed 6 internal stations, 1 outdoor main station with camera with two new door strikes. The guys did an awesome job and I knew within 20 minutes of being on-site we made the right choice when in the first apartment they used a 'mini vac' to suck up the dust as they were drilling the holes for the new station template. Its only been in a month so I cant give a long term overview of the ABB Welcome system but so far haven't had a single issue so no reason to think the Lock and Tech guys wont be there to support it if we do have a problem. Anyway heads up if you are in the market to replace your old system give Vinny from Lock and Tech Brooklyn a call on (877) 715-6252 or lockandtechbilling@gmail.com Cheers, Dean
Matt S.
Great company. My former low voltage contractor was a total Sh&t show. The busted CCTV system he installed constantly failed and after 3 weeks of calling every other day to get service, he quit the job. LocknTech team came in, assessed both our alarm system and CCTV set up for our mixed use property, and got us transfered off of the old systems within a few days. They preserved and reused what they could, keeping our costs down. And - even though we went way over on estimated time to get the project done - they stuck to their agreed upon fee. I'm pretty excited I found these guys and feel very comfortable that I have a reputable company on my side now. Highly reccomend them to anyone looking for alarms, cctv or locksmith services.
Noah N.
These guys would be successful in any business, and it's because they get the big picture -- making the customer happy *is* business - the rest is just details. Working with Gabriel and Vinny, I got the clear impression I could ask them to help out with absolutely anything around my house and they'd do it if it'd make me happy. Big companies like ADT will have one guy do the sales pitch, one guy do the site survey, and a third guy do the install, and as you go down that chain the promises and quality fall away (not to mention what you get a year later, or three years later). With Lock and Tech, I dealt directly with Vinny and Gabriel (who will constantly remind you you can reach him anytime 24/7 on his cell phone) and felt like everyone there knew exactly what was going on with my job and was committed to making it happen. There's a reason for the stack of 5-star ratings on this company.
Lisa R.
They responded quickly to call, came on time--early even--and did the job quickly and just how we had discussed it. Can't ask for more....
Natasha P.
This company was selected based on the great yelp reviews. Even though the job was incomplete and the tech had to return to the building to figure out what was wrong, I thought the guy Alex was very professional. That was before I discover that he made rude remarks about other tenants apartments in the building and continued to stress his tip. That unprofessional behavior is why I rated them 3 stars.
Amanda K.
We have a 10 unit building in Brooklyn Heights and our intercom/buzzer was making a continuous buzzing noise. I called a few other places but they would not come for days. Lock and Tech came immediately and completed the repair and I am getting an estimate for upgrading the whole system for my building. The technicians were professional and courteous and efficient. I highly highly recommend Lock and Tech. It is hard to find quality service these days and Lock and Tech will not disappoint!
Clay A.
The work being done is in a 36 unit condo building in Queens. We broke the job down into three phases. 1st phase was updating all the access control features in the building. If we were satisfied with the company then we would continue with the 2nd phase, which was updating the video and dvr security system in the building. The 3rd phase will be updating all existing intercom units. I was looking for a company that could handle all three parts of the job and a company that I could rely on in the future for any issues that arose. I did not want a company just to show up and do the job and then disappear. It was very important for us to have a company that we will be here for future issues and projects. I interviewed several companies and settled on hiring Lock and Tech USA. The reason I went with Lock and Tech was when the L&T representative, Igor, showed up to look at the job, he was the only one that really dove into figuring out the best way to handle the job with existing and new features. Igor pulled out ladders to take a look at the existing wiring, asked a lot of questions, and traced wires from the panel to the different spots in the building so he would not have any surprises when he prepared the quote or when he started the job. Igor was extremely thorough in his initial review and figuring out what type of system manufacturer best worked for our building. Lock and Tech was easy to deal with and very accommodating regarding the job scheduling. Igor and his crew showed up promptly and completed the access control system in a very professional and timely manner. Igor was on site with his crew to answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues. The access control portion of the job went much better than anticipated and the system Igor chose for us works perfect and is extremely 'user friendly'. It was exactly what we were looking for in this type of system. We had a couple of minor issues arise after the job was completed and Igor was quick to respond and resolve the issues without any hassles. Lock and Tech prices were very competitive and actually cheaper than several of the companies that we interviewed. The building was extremely happy with Igor and Lock and Tech. We brought the company back and just finished updating the video and dvr security system in the building. The job was again handled very professionally by Igor and his crew. The cameras are crystal clear and working perfectly. We will soon move on to the third phase of the project and will continue to use Igor and Lock and Tech. I would highly recommend Igor and Lock and Tech USA.
Alice L.
My church had previously used Lock and Tech and we were very satisfied with their service. I didn't hesitate to call them again when the intercom needed repair. They came the same day. The technicians Alex and Nico were friendly and helpful. They did a great job troubleshooting and tested the system when they were done. The office staff (Meagan and Pete) were also very pleasant to deal with. I always appreciate good customer service so I highly recommend Lock and Tech! God bless you and your team!
Stefano F.
My contractor told me he could not fix my broken buzzer/intercom. I called a locksmith and they quoted 1300$. Lock and tech came out on a Sunday to look at te work, in 1 hour they found the problem and fix it for 420$ including parts and labor. All in all the best I could hope for. Thanks.
Kevin D.
My name is Kevin and I am the Technical Director for Brooklyn Bowl. I recently had the good fortune of discovering Lock and Tech USA while in search of a solution to upgrade my door intercom system. I did like most people and Google far and wide and must have called a half dozen vendors looking for a quote. Gabriel from Lock and Tech USA was the ONLY person that made an effort to come speak to me in person to find out what my needs were and how he could be the most helpful. Running an operation of this magnitude there are always maintenance issues that require immediate attention which often leaves little money for improvements to systems that already work, i.e. The door intercom. At the time we only had an audio intercom system for the front door. With the increased need for security features we wanted to add an integrated video/audio system that could be accessed at multiple spots around the venue for all the different shifts to make use of. With a limited budget and a big appetite I am more than pleased at the results of my choice to work with Gabriel and his team from Lock and Tech USA. They worked with me and my constraints to still help me achieve my goals without issue. Since my install I had a one or two minor glitches (infrequently), but within 24 hours of my phone call Gabriel once again had someone out to resolve the issue quickly and professionally. I haven't had an hiccup since and am very thankful I found Lock and Tech USA. We are reviewing some modifications to our CCTV system for the near future and you better believe I'm giving these guys a call first. Thank you guys for your great work, professionalism, and working with me to meet my needs. All the best, Kevin Brooklyn Bowl
Erica L.
They installed sound and security systems very professionally at the store, and even fixed some issues we had without asking. All of our questions were answered fully and promptly. Highly recommended!
Marc K
This company is pretending to be a competitor in the garage door repair business in Danbury, CT. They told me I had custom garage door springs installed when I live in a townhouse built in 2008. They quoted me 600+ dollars. I refused their service and they charged me a 45 dollar service fee. Their so called company name in danbury is “Danbury garage doors” not to be confused with “Danbury overhead doors”.(A reputable local company) Watch out for these scam artists. They showed up with 3 trucks and 6 guys to repair one spring. When I asked for their licensing information, I got hung up on and blocked.
James C.
sorry. verry dissapointed by managment and ownership... workers seem good, but the people running things are fast talking scammers who overcharge projects. more so the owners Edan and Igor. unprofessional sorry. and a bit arrogant and rude to be honest. kind of bothered me. check my google and yelp review for more of how i felt of my experience with Lock and Tech working on my home
Dianna L.
Awesome quality service. We worked with Igor to figure out how we should set up the cameras because our psychotic neighbor decided to cut our cable wires. Igor walked us through the entire set up process very enthusiatically, you can see that he loves his job and takes pride in his excellent service. Its most definitely an admirable quality and a rare find.Igor came to our house knowing exactly where every camera should be, how it should be set up, and how much surface each camera would cover. His price was reasonable that we couldn't pass up, we immediately went with him and he drafted up a detailed contract.Igor promises it would take two weekends to finish the job and they finished it in ONE day! His team was so kind, patient and informative. They gave us everything we asked for and assured us our property would be fully surveillanced. I would definitely use them again! Thanks for the amazing quality service!
fantastic service in Midwood we are very happy with our new locks thank you very much
I only needed to get my key cut and so he kept his word and gave me the discount when I mentioned Yellowpages. There was another lady waiting and she told me that he is really the best in town. I definitely will be going back for any future issues with locks or keys.
what a fantastic locksmith ! was courteous showed up quick and helped us change out our locks to new once ! fabulous ! thanks so much !
Terrylee Codrington
I am happy to say that I have used this company to install camera inside and outside of my home. They did a Splendid job. Very neat and professional
Ron Lester
I am a property manager in Manhattan and had to find a company to repair a busted intercom system. I came across Lock and Tech, and George set everything up for me, answered all of my questions over three different conversations, and he never made me feel like I was bothering him with all my questions and concerns. The technicians did a fabulous job and had the intercom fixed in less than an hour. The men cleaned up thoroughly after the job which I completely appreciated. I highly recommend this company and will definitely use them again.
Larry Glick
I am a Property Manager in Brooklyn and have dealt with a good amount of Locksmiths and this one is the best of them all. The owner Gabriel is very present and always willing to go that extra mile, I find Vinny to be a great resource whether its security for my buildings or the right type of lock , he is very knowledgeable and a great person to work with. I recommend this company with confidence.