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Larry The Locksmith

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3703 Riverdale Ave
Bronx, NY 10463
197845 years in business
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Monday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
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Larry The Locksmith — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 3703 Riverdale Ave, Bronx, NY 10463. Larry The Locksmith has been in business for 45 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Emergency field and have a store. This business is closed now and will be opened in 5 hours 45 minutes. You can contact them by (718) 543-2095, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 24 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Larry The Locksmith, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Marie D.
I called and spoke to Eric who was excellent. I wasn't sure if they would install the multilock I already had or would make me purchase another one from them. I was very pleased when Eric told me they could absolutely install my multilock without my having to purchase a new one and would just charge me for the labor involved. He gave me a quote over the phone and the cost was very reasonable. I called on Wednesday and Eric was able to fit me in that same week on Saturday afternoon. Already I was impressed with Eric's honesty in not trying to make me purchase something I didn't need. Joe called on Saturday before the scheduled time to say he could come earlier if I was available which was perfect for me. He was quick, efficient, waited as I tried the lock out, and answered all my questions. He even cleaned up afterward! How amazing is that! I was totally impressed and highly recommend Larry the Locksmith. Thank you so very much!
Eric Mark O.
Great service. Great experience getting keys mad and so helpful in making sure I had everything I needed. Great little hardware store too. I'll be back!
Alara L.
I'm upset with myself for taking so long to review, but it needed to be done regardless. This company is the tops! Part of my regret over waiting so long is that I've forgotten the names of the amazing people who helped me. I think the first person I spoke to was Joe? Mark? I'm kicking myself for not remembering because he was the best! I think he is Larry the Locksmith's son who took over the business. He is a really outstanding, helpful man. We lost the key to our car and the only way we could open it was by the key fob because my back up key wasn't opening up the door. I figured the back up key I had was wrong and I went about looking for a locksmith that could cut an all new key from scratch for me. I called all over looking for a company I felt I could trust to not rip me off because rn our family is living off of one salary. Admittedly, this company did not offer me the best rate for what I initially asked for, but I liked the sound of the man who was helping me on the phone so I called him back, repeatedly. Poor guy must have been on the phone with me half a dozen times answering all my questions with the same patience every single time. Finally, we got to talking about the situation I was in and he told me that I potentially had the correct key for the car, but it could be just for the ignition. He then problem solved and told me it was worth a shot to have a technician come unlock my door and reprogram a new fob and hopefully my key would indeed work in the ignition. All of this service would be a fraction of the price of the original job I had inquired about. His honesty is priceless. Truly though, if I had to get a key cut from scratch and pay a bit extra than their competitors, I would have still chose this company purely because of the wonderful service and attention. I can't thank him enough and wish him and his staff all the success! Looking at other reviews I'm pretty sure Jamie helped me get into my car and reprogram a new fob. He was excellent, such a nice, down to earth guy. At one point a man off the street came up to us and began to say, "you know what the trick is..." before Jamie patiently pointed to his shirt that read: Larry the Locksmith. The guy then realized he was talking to a professional and gave him a hearty handshake, it was all so jovial I asked Jamie if he knew him- which he didn't. After he helped me out, I told him I called around ten or so locksmiths and he asked me why I chose them. I told him, it was because I felt like I could trust them and the look on his face was really heart warming. It's nice to be in a community where there are people like him taking pride in their work. After that I tipped him, and he was certainly grateful. ALWAYS TIP THESE GOOD PEOPLE!! They truly deserve it.
Carlos C.
Larry the locksmith came highly recommended. Needed my top lock replaced and the lower lock realigned. Their prices are reasonable and the workmanship is top notch. Jaime did an outstanding job. Excellent customer service.
M A M.
Recently hired them to replace two locks and found them to be knowledgeable, prompt, professional and reasonably priced. Highly recommend.
Kelly R.
This is a fantastic company. Not only did they offer us a great quote, but they were also flexible with their scheduling and timely with their appointment. Once here, they took their time with the installation and made sure we knew how to operate our new lock. They were professional, timely and easy to work with. Would use again.
Marie D.
I have been a customer of Larry the Locksmith for as long as I can remember. He never disappoints. Their work is clean and honest, and they go the extra mile to develop their very loyal customer base. Thank you "Larry" for being such an asset to our neighborhood.
Robin W.
Larry the Locksmith is the neighborhood store your parents took you to when you were young. Whatever you need, they have it. The sales people are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I find myself stopping in once or twice a week for some random item. One day last year I went because I needed a grapefruit knife and a Bundt pan. Of course they had both! They have moved my high end medco lock twice. Before my most recent move, I asked if I should just leave the lock and buy a new one. They said moving it would be much cheaper. What business tells you NOT to buy something? They are honest and trustworthy. Larry the Locksmith is a rare treasure in our big box world. If you've never been, go! You will find something you didn't even know you needed!
G H.
They go the extra mile and follow up! They located an uncommon key blank and made the keys. Great local store!
Antoinette B.
Great experience. Locksmith was quick and informative of my options. Even offered to come earlier than scheduled time. Will use them again if I need to.
Pamela T.
Larry's Locksmith will be my go-to from now on. I called them and they were prompt, efficient and quick. Jamie, the young man that came to my house, truly missed his calling. He should be a doctor instead of a locksmith with that great bedside manner he has. He explained what needed to be done and did his thing. He is a courteous young man who knows his craft. I will be having a door lock replaced in the near future and I definitely know who I will be calling. If all the locksmiths @ Larry's are as good as Jamie, you cannot go wrong! Thanks, Jamie!
Edmund D.
love this store. they have everything and their prices are very reasonable. i have had to use their emergency locksmith services and they were so friendly and helpful. the staff is great and i always end up buying something there. no reason to go to home depot or lowes, riverdale is lucky to have this store
Sonia F.
I highly recommend this locksmith. Their receptionist was very helpful, well informed and answered all questions. The locksmiths called before arriving and came on time. Jaime, one of the locksmiths was a genuine craftsman. He was knowledgeable and came prepared for my needs. The other locksmith was just as capable. Both made sure they tested the locks before leaving and insured that I was familiar with all aspects. Superb job. A five star establishment.
Erin R.
I called in advance to set up an appointment to have my locked change on the co-op I just purchased. Jacob came out today to change out my locks (that had been drilled out) & called 1/2 hour before arriving. Once he looked at the lock he realized that I had asked for the wrong thing. I had asked for the cylinders to be changed & I actually needed the full deadlock for the top lock. He, be fully prepared, had what I actually needed. Jacob went right to work, installing both the bottom lock cylinder & the top deadlock. He keyed them all to one key at my request & was done in an hour. Quick, efficient, knowledgeable & polite! Should I ever be locked out or lose my keys, he's who I'm going to call to get me back in!
Jeremy S.
Review of the store, and not the other services offered. Friendly staff, always greet customers when they walk in. Helpful in finding items, tons of common household items and I have been many times for little odds and ends. Prices are great. Keys duplicated are done well with attention to detail and work like a charm.
Tasha T.
I had a contractor come in and install a brand new deadbolt on my front door. He could not. It took him 4 hours and he still didn't complete the job. I read the reviews and gave in and called Larry the Locksmith. JAMIE came to the rescue!!! Called me when he was on his way (within the promised time slot). Arrived with the business logo clearly displayed. Took off sand reinstalled the lock within minutes. Showed me what was wrong, and how he would fix it. He did the job and taught at the same time. I couldn't ask for more! I feel like a proud educated customer. Jamie is friendly, professional and efficient. Larry is fortunate to have Jamie on his team
Morenae M.
There are several reasons why Larry the Locksmith gets such high reviews on Angie's List - 1. They simply have the best customer service (called the shop and was well-treated, Jaime the locksmith was very friendly, and I was able to ask questions without feeling rushed); 2. They are honest and trustworthy (the locksmith explained the costs, and offered a range of options and price points base on my needs. Pricing was fair - not a ripoff like some other locksmith crooks). 3. They are licensed! Very important. You won't always get that from a random Craigslist or Google Search locksmith. Jaime was able to show me his license from NYC Consumer Affairs. 4. They are 24 hours. I didn't need them in the middle of the night, but if I'm ever in that situation - I now have their phone number saved in my cell. 5. They do high quality work, and stand by it. Jaime was 100% invested in doing the job right and making sure the lock and door was secure. And lastly, reason 6 - they're in the Bronx! I love it when I get good quality work for a fair price from businesses in my own borough. A friend of mine recommended Larry the Locksmith, and I see why. They are the best!
L B.
Overall, pretty satisfied - they did a good job replacing my locks. Scheduled an appointment quickly, came on time, courteous, professional - the whole nine yards. I also drop by every so often to buy something for home improvement projects, and they usually have it, for decent prices - and again, everyone is professional, polite, etc. Great neighborhood hardware store.
Bill C.
The locksmith, Jaime, was able to come early for our appointment. He was quick and very friendly. He made sure we knew all of the costs up front, and was good about explaining our options.
Janet W.
I couldn't lock my door and I called Larry the locksmith, Jaime came and was very polite and informative on everything he was doing he explained why the locks wasn't working and was very thorough in showing me step by step which I appreciated that. I would definitely call these guys again and refer them to friends and family. Thank you for your hard work and patience on explaining what you was doing.
Michael Goldring
Was told different price over the phone drove 45 minutes to buy the locks they were used, and then told that there are no refunds regardless, unhappy with their service
Diane Romm
Wonderful service from Jacob who explained everything he was doing and took the time to make sure that everything worked properly. Very personable as well!
Jean-Baptiste Tamas-Leloup
Friendliest employees and great customer service.
Mark Yachnin
Larry The Locksmith is a real asset to the community! The friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff have helped me on many occasions. Highly recommended.