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Hoboken Lock & Supply

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624 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ 07030
198142 years in business
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Hoboken Lock & Supply — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 624 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Hoboken Lock & Supply has been in business for 42 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Emergency, Safe field and have a store. This business is closed now and will be opened in 26 hours 15 minutes. You can contact them by (201) 963-3106, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 24 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Hoboken Lock & Supply, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Joe L.
Perhaps the worst "locksmith" in the northeast, possibly the planet; their motto should be "F***ing Up Locks All Over Hoboken For 30+ Years!!" The only reason a place like this exists is because it's located in a virtual island of a small 1.5-mile one-horse walkable town where there are only 2 other options available (the 2nd equally as inept and imprecise and the 3rd almost always closed), and it's named "Hoboken Lock." Have a key that barely turns without that scraping feeling like nails on a chalkboard, even though it's only a 2nd generation copy? Is jiggling and shaking a door knob just to turn a lock to come home every day considered "normal"? Does your landlord tell you "all the keys are like that"? Have you arrived on moving day at your new apt, only to find the brand new copy your landlord said he just made up the block doesn't even fit into the cylinder? Did you just get charged $150 to copy a MulTLock you could have made for $10 at 7Eleven down the block (see automated KeyMe machine inside)? Have you lived in Hoboken all your life, and don't know the difference between a properly cut key and those machines down the shore that turn pennies into works of art? And by the way, does your poorly cut brass key have an "ESP" logo on it? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then congratulations... You've been a victim of Hoboken Lock!! This place is literally a small business doing a disservice to its community. It epitomes the sad small town story of a misguided soul who would have been much better advised to go into a different line of work many years ago, perhaps open a bakery or butcher shop....something where much more attention is paid to the senses than to such minor details as precision and accuracy. Be sure to visit Hoboken Lock on your next trip to Hoboken for some semi-working, hurriedly rushed copies made on a single pass, which may or may not include all 4, 5 or 6 cuts of your original. Because in machinery, speed and literally cutting corners is what matters and "just try and see if it works" is what made great engineering feats such as the Titanic possible. Be sure to ask for Karl.
Joseph A.
My butt was saved from a lockout on LABOR DAY. Very prompt response, right before they were headed to the beach. What a hero. Very professional, reasonable price considering the circumstances, glad to have someone I can rely on in the future.
Chris T.
Looks like Hoboken Lock gets a bad rap on here. I put in a new front door in my apartment building and had bought the hardware separately. It turns out that the hardware was mostly incorrect but Carl helped identify and fix the issues and Louis came out multiple times until the job was done and was always courteous.
Lu M.
Paid for 4 Multilock Keys for my condo at $20ea. Told them my realtor and property mgr were going to each pick 1 up and I'd come back for the remaining 2 once they were done. When I tried to get my last 2, they couldn't locate them. Was told I waited too long and they don't remember. Carl did remember the transaction but couldn't remember enough details to justify making 2 new keys for me. Though he admitted I did pay for all 4, but insisted my realtor took all 4 keys (I know that didn't happen). Who doesn't know how to keep a record of these things? A piece of paper in a binder or a computer record takes up no space..unacceptable in this day and age. I'm out $40. Would avoid if I could.
Jennifer C.
Horrible customer service and they don't stand by warranties. We had to call the manufacturer to get our $400 lock repaired! Don't use them!!!
David K.
Completely ridiculous that I was charged $250 for the 2 minutes it took some guy to come unlock my door. Lesson learned I guess, but that is the most preposterous fee I have ever seen and I will NEVER call back in case this happens again, I could travel all the way home to Long Island and back at a smaller cost. EDIT: I was also NEVER told the price while on the phone with the contact at the company. Complete rip-off
Guada M.
We first used Hoboken Lock & Supply to install a new system for our home. They were extremely professional and helpful in their various recommendations, and the parts came in on time. We unfortunately used a different contractor to install the lock system, and I really wish I had used Hoboken Lock & Supply for it. We have had a couple of issues with the locks, and both times Carl walked us through some things to try ourselves first before sending a technician over. I absolutely trust the team at Hoboken Lock & Supply (special call-out to Carl!) for their professionalism and honesty. Highly recommended!
Jeff T.
The old Medeco lock on our front door fell apart and I was sure we needed a new one. They quoted me about $400 for parts and labor but when the guy came to the house he said it could be repaired and did the repair in minutes. He also fixed two other locks that were giving us trouble. Total cost: $160. They came when they said they were going to, were polite and did great work.
Laura A.
Called them at 3.30pm and was told it would be a $125 call out fee. Put me on hold and then told me they were closing early for the holiday weekend (it says they were open until 5pm) and so had to charge me an emergency call out fee of $250. This is before the cost of any work was added. Called Hoboken Regal locksmith instead who got me back in my apartment within half an hour for under $180 inc call out and work done. Call them instead!
Rick T.
If you have a lock issue, they have an answer. Even for the most obscure doors and locks in older apts
Dollin K.
My key snapped in half. I needed it fixed right away. When I came in, they were able to take the two pieces and create a copy. The whole process is took about 2 minutes and it only cost me $2. Great service.
Rebecca H.
Needed to make some copies of my keys and as soon as I walked in I was assisted, and the process took under a minute! Both keys worked and it was only a few dollars. Highly recommend.
Frederic B.
Thieves, straight up thieves. I had a problem with my front door lock. Guy showed up for an hour, charged us $300 and didn't even do the job correctly. On top of that he snagged some tools from the handymen I had working on other stuff in the house. Greedy, amateur low lives. Go anywhere else but here.
Jules B.
Popped into shop today because I lost keys to a small safe. They were able to pop it open and then explained how I can call the company to get a replacement key. They also helped me find the replacement lock for my mailbox. Installation is $75 so I will try it myself first. Overall I was pleased with my experience and the shop had several doorknobs and handles to choose from. I plan to visit again when I change my front door lock.
Dinah S.
They gave me a two hour window and never showed up. They called me within the two hour window to tell me they were going to another job and would call me as soon as they were done. Never call me back I had to call them to find out they were not going to show up!
Greg F.
Prompt and efficient. Even tho it wasn't an emergency they had someone over within two hours of the request for service. Rico knew exactly what he was doing and was pleasant to deal with. Our matter was resolved within 20 minutes and at a fair price. Recommended.
Tim G.
These guys are outstanding. I had an upcoming work trip and could only take same-day service and they were able to come by in a matter of hours (at no extra charge). The locksmith was knowledgeable, friendly, and he completed the required work in record time. He also explained why he did certain things the way he did, which I always appreciate (I'm naturally curious). I won't hesitate to use them again in the future, that's for sure.
Yan Shi C.
Service was bad! The price for making a copy of one key is 60 bucks! Then I left this store.
Erica K.
Unfortunately, this is a locksmith to avoid at all costs. Once Luis visited the home I was intending to purchase, it took a solid month and 3 follow-up calls after he told me I would receive the estimate in a week. As a follow-up at his request, Luis made an appointment with me on the one day I had access to the home, then completely blew it off. When I called to check on where he was, they expressed amazement that he had an appointment with me. Additionally, Luis didn't return several polite calls in response asking to reschedule the appointment, and the owner, Al, didn't respond to subsequent emails or phone calls asking to switch to someone else. Hoboken Lock also states they offer doors, as well as locks, but then it is impossible to get the door person to coordinate with the lock person, so you're not ever able to get the full picture for a larger-scope install. Grade F whether you have a commercial or residential installation.
Lucia M.
Polite, prompt, and thorough. Made appointment a week in advance, and on the day of they called at 9am to say the service man would be over--and he was! Fast, courteous, and helpful. They also were great on the phone when I set up the appointment. Thank you Hoboken Lock and Supply!
Gaurav Kalani
Excellent place to get keys done, was done in under 2 mins for as little as 3 bucks.
Rick Villanova
Very professional. Stay away from your Home Depot’s, Lowe’s, and any other locksmiths . This ola
Excellent customer service. I had a large order of keys made which was completed in a quick and professional matter. I would HIGHLY recommend Hoboken Lock & Supply.
Thomas Hughes
Quality service, however their cost is exorbitant! The visit was less than 10 minutes and the replacement part is inexpensive; the fix did not even require any specialized tools, just prying open with a screw driver. The bill however was staggering.