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Graham Locksmith Co.

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281 Graham Ave
Williamsburg, NY 11211
199824 years in business
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Graham Locksmith Co. — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 281 Graham Ave, Williamsburg, NY 11211. Graham Locksmith Co. has been in business for 24 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Emergency, Safe field and have a store. This business is closed now and will be opened in 0 hours 3 minutes. You can contact them by (718) 415-8314, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 23 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Graham Locksmith Co., you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Lindsey S.
Needed to get a deadbolt installed in the front door of my new apartment. Pricing was competitive and they provided a bolt specifically needed for my door. Good communication throughout scheduling and the installation was quick and easy. Would highly recommend.
Tara A.
After another highly reviewed locksmith in the area pulled a bait and switch on me (asking for triple the quoted price once they showed up) I found Arthur, who was fast, efficient, and had the best price for installing a deadbolt. I will be using Graham Locksmith for any future locksmith needs.
Soo S.
I was lucky to catch them right before closing time, the guy waited for me and cut 2 keys wich took like 1 minute to do. Regular keys are about two bucks each.
Sean H.
The best quote I received to change a mailbox lock. Was quick, painless, and would definitely use again. Thanks!
Lulu M.
I had been locked out and called this locksmith not knowing what to expect, but was very happy to realize I now have a trusted locksmith in the area! They were absolutely great and I would use them again!
Sharae M.
I went to the locksmith and showed the guy the key I needed a copy of. I can admit it was bent, but when he looked at it he threw it at me saying he couldn't fix it. I told him that he didn't have to throw it at me to which he claimed to have placed it back on the table. Even when I first walked in the door there was no greeting. He just looked at me and when I said hello he looked like he didn't want to be bothered. I can understand being busy at work or having a bad day, but a customer should always be treated with respect, even if you can't help them. He told me to go to Empire Lock which was about 5min away. They were more welcoming and helpful and I'll go back next time I need a new key.
Eva M.
I had a broken lock that needed replacement right away. Doug came over super fast and did an excellent thorough job. On top of that he gave a me a price break to install a multi-lock on my apartment door that I wanted to feel safer. I will definitely call Doug when I need a locksmith again.
Claire G.
Locked my keys in my apartment. Called this locksmith, which was a huge mistake. He kept making up problems with my door to increase the price and ended up charging me $570. Never, never, never use this service!
Julia H.
EDIT: this morning I spoke to Arthur and he explained that for some jobs outside of business hours he contracts other technicians. He was super helpful and accomodating about replacing my lock and refunding some of the crazy fee I was charged last night. I'm really looking foward to resolving all this after work today with Arthur, he seems like a nice guy running a good reliable business. But I do have to warn people that if you call Graham Locksmith Co after hours ( I called at approx 12:30 AM) there is a chance you'll end up in the same position as me, getting charged way more than you should. This is no judgement of Arthur and the business he is running, I totally get that it is not possible to be everywhere at once, or to force other contracted workers to keep up his practices of fair pricing and good work. But I was not expecting this to happen, precisley because this business has such great reviews, so it came as an even bigger shock. Fortunately I was able to pay the fee at the time, but in other circumstances this unexpected almost 400$ charge could have really really screwed me big time. Arthur is great, Graham Locksmith Co is deserving of your business, but just be aware that if you call the number listed late-night, you're not guaranteed to get Graham Locksmith Co or the level of service reflected here in the reviews. Seems that Arthur is super committed to making sure his customers are satisfied tho, so even if you do get over-charged, he will make good and help you figure everything out! (my angry 1:30 AM rant review from before I talked to Arthur) this was totally a scam. the guy who showed up was perfectly nice and ultimately did get me back into my apartment. but it cost 350+ tax to have him push a power drill through my dinky lock. completely utterly ridiculous. i had locked myself out of my apartment at 1 AM in PJs with no phone or wallet or coat bc i was taking the recycling out and the lock slipped closed behind me. i went to a bar around the corner and borrowed their phone and called this place because it had great reviews and everyone was explicitly saying it was NOT a scam. i had no other options once the guy got here and told me the price was 65$ just to come out plus 285 to open the door, regardless of how he ended up doing it. i couldn't sleep in my hallway, so i paid him, but be warned:: this place is not necessarily going to give you the kind of service these yelp reviews imply. hopefully this was some kind of slip up or something? i'm going to call tomorrow during regular business hours and try to get to the bottom of it, but i had to write this review bc from the current yelp status i was NOT expecting to get so totally RIPPED OFF
Steven H.
Arthur was great and very responsive and quick. He quoted me and gave me a great upfront cost. I will definitely call them up when emergencies arise.
Grace Y.
Got locked out of my apartment around 9pm on a week day and decided to call a locksmith - my first time. Googled locksmiths near me and saw that Graham Locksmith had a 5-star rating, so I called them right away. Was told that the guy would arrive within 20 minutes or so and he would give me a quote then. But I ended up waiting over an hour, and then when the guy said he would need to drill the lock (I have a metal door on the outside), I called my landlord. In the end decided not to do anything and wait for my landlord to arrive, but the guy quoted me $125 for the consultation alone. I was dismayed but paid up. Eventually spoke with the owner Arthur and explained to him what happened. He explained that the guy who came is from another company which he uses for after-hour services, apologized that I was overcharged and it did not represent him and Graham Locksmith at all. Over the next day Arthur promptly followed up and in the end came by my place in person to give me a full refund. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at his attitude and service. Even though I didn't have a good experience initially, I was completely satisfied with how Arthur handled the situation and will definitely call him the next time I have lock issues.
Josh M.
This place is legit. I say this about very few places. Don't go anywhere else. They will be responsive. They will show up on time (and wait if you're late) and they will be cheaper, better and smarter than anyone you will thank yourself for choosing them. They don't have to be as good as they are they just are. The quotes will be quick (use yelp). The response will be fast met than you expect and they will come and knock out what you need. The best there is in what they do and it's not even close. Have another job for them and won't even question. They are the ones.
Christian D.
I contacted through yelp to get a quote. Arthur responded within a minute and was here in about 10 mins. My first time calling a locksmith. Super quick, super friendly, and fairly priced.
Tia B.
I called Graham Locksmith Co. around 8:50 AM. I spoke to Eric and briefly describe my problem. He asked for my address and said someone would be there in 30 minutes. He also stated that the service call would be $45 (I asked him the cost). I received another call within a few mutes from Ben, the technician locksmith would complete the work. He verified the address and asked me to describe exactly what the issue was with the lock. Within 30 minutes, Ben was at my door. Ben seemed a little hesitant to work with (door) lock since it was a very old lock (over 30- 35 years). After a discussion of options, I decided to go to the local hardware store for a new lock. With a few minutes the new lock was installed and working. I had the option of paying by cash or credit card. I felt the total cost was affordable. By 10:30 AM, everything was completed within an hour (including a trip to the hardware store.) I would recommend this business because of its quickness, competency and efficiency.
Dave P.
Installed a KeVo lock for a reasonable rate on the UES. He showed up in time, got right to work. There was a problem w the lock. I got a replacement and he came back a couple days later to finish the job. Again, he was on time and this time he was able to complete the job. Great customer experience. Highly recommend and will definitely call him to help w my next project.
Sara C.
WONDERFUL SERVICE!!! I locked myself out of my apartment twice in two days (ugh) and Arthur was so great! He comes fast, does good work, and gives a fair rate. His number is now saved in my phone for future emergencies. I would recommend them to anyone!
Jennifer C.
Really glad we used Eric's services to change the plugs on some doors and install a new lock set on another door. Eric worked very quickly, was on time (early, even!), and always available via phone or text with any questions that I had beforehand. He was very understanding and friendly and his price was very affordable for the work he did for us on three doors. I highly recommend!
Jennifer S.
Responsive and Reliable! The owner, Eric, responded to my inquiry within 30 minutes, and offered a fair rate for the service needed. He gave a 30 minute window of what time he would be arriving, and sent a text update on the way. When they arrived, they were very friendly and got right to work. They assessed the situation and explained my options. At the end, Eric doubled checked all of the locks, asked me to look it over and test it myself. Overall a great experience! Will be using them again for any other Key & Locksmith needs!
John S.
Fast response and flexible with scheduling. Arthur was quick to figure out the best solution for my deadbolt issues and troubleshooted the best way forward via a call and some text images. He showed up quick and had a great attitude and was super precise and professional. Would definitely have him back and recommend to friends!
Donna K.
Arthur changed my mailbox locks the same day I called to request service. Fees were lower than anyone else I called for quotes, and service was great! Highly recommend.
mark eicher
Leo & Kevin were fantastic late night left my keys inside by accident...happens. They came prompt and had me in my apartment in no time. The price spoke for itself. Easy and no fuss, appreciate their effort and professionalism.
Alexandra Barlow
Arthur provided great service. He was able to help advise on our locks and install a new lock within two hours of when we called. He was careful and thorough in his work.
Irwan Awalludin
Great service. Needed locks replaced on mailbox. Arthur was on time and completed the task in about 15 mins. And price was more than reasonable. Great value