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Emergency Locksmith & Door Service

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364 14th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
201112 years in business
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Emergency Locksmith & Door Service — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 364 14th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Emergency Locksmith & Door Service has been in business for 12 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Emergency, Safe field and have a store. This business is opened 24 hours. You can contact them by (347) 201-3049, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 20 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Emergency Locksmith & Door Service, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Karen N.
Such a rip! An internal bedroom door was locked from the inside and instead of neatly picking the lock so it could be reused again, he used a screwdriver and hammer to force open. Door frame scratched and metal coming out. I thought I was paying $131 for skilled craftmanship to open a door that could then be locked again.But now I cant lock my door at all and out $131. AND!!!! they quoted $25 to show up and $75-$95 to unlock. When he got there the price was now $131 to $250. What these guys get away with because I had to get in and rush to work. So disappointing. Now Im gonna have to spend more to replace the lock cos the existing one is messed up.
Food S.
Trust the Snoot. When you are locked out of your girlfriend's apartment at 3am you want these guys awake and ready to break in. Dude offered my little cheeseburger candies too. Very cool. Came right over and solved my problem. Life is good once more.
Yariv Y.
I didn't have to weaken my business's security when my secretary messed up. My business is an industrial building, and its safety is intertwined with that of my office. This locksmith service used safe methods to open the office and not influence the building's security. All this was done in time for me to continue with the business day. If you fear that your buildings or office security will be threatened through picking locks, then don't worry. Just contact this locksmith, and they will give you impeccable service that will leave you in a much better position.
Sai P.
Thanks to you guys! Last weekend we were having a party at our friend's house. They forgot to bring keys while coming outside, we realized that we r locked out. I searched online and called Brooklyn Locksmiths 24 hr , They came in a short while when I called & managed to get us inside in absolutely no time. Their service was very good, and they charged very reasonable price for the work even at the dead of the night. Wow..They saved that moment. Totally recommend them.
Angela A.
I recently decide to add an extra top lock on my door, and after some research i found these Brooklyn locksmiths. within an hour i had a technician in my apt working on my door. Adam was very polite & professional. he showed me the options i have in terms of security levels and prices, and 30-40 minutes later i had a new lock with a new keys!
Brooke L.
These guys were dishonest on the price. Over the phone, the service would be $25 site visit fee plus $95 to open the lock. Upon review of the lock, the locksmith immediately said it would have to be drilled and claimed a $185 drilling fee and $85 lock replacement for a total of $295. I wish I would have read the negative reviews on here and would never have called them. Use someone else if you can.
Aaron H.
Emergency Locksmith helped me when my keys were lost. Not only were they there in a hurry but the service was fantastic. I needed assistance in a rush and they they were there in a flash. Highly recommend. Thank you!!!!!!
Richard L.
Nerd lock helped me out when I was lost my keys. They are very reliable and polite. I don't think there is any other place as good on this side of prospect park. You don't feel awkward about the reason you lost your keys
Cam C.
Me and my friend lost the keys to our apt top lock this past weekend. we called like 2 places and no one answered, then we found this emergency locksmiths and Adam mention he will be there within 20 minutes. and so he did! we face a high quality of service, Adam was really nice to us and the price was as quoted. Will call them again if i need a locksmith!
Kurt D.
Need them in an emergency? Be careful - they charged a RIDICULOUS amount of money to drill a lock. Avoid!
Jackie V.
Emergency Locksmith and Door Service are the BEST! I locked myself out of my apartment and had no idea what to do. I did some research and found Emergency Locksmith and Door service - I called and within 15-20 minutes, he was there! He opened up my door and saved my day! The guy was very nice and personable. If I ever have any other emergency or need to change locks, I will call them again. I highly recommend! :D
Nery S.
My family LIFE SAVER!!!! My wife and our baby were locked themselves out of apartment. Plus the weather condition was really bad, snowy and windy. After my wife called Emergency Locksmith & Door Service, they were here within 30 mins. The price was fair, and the service was awesome. Thanks for being quick & efficient! Definitely recommended.
Shir R.
We decide to paint our front door and needed the locks to be removed and then to be installed again when painting is finish. Joe arrived on time, and removed the bottom and top locks from door. 2 days later he came back to install the locks on our painted door :) if i need a locksmith i will call this guys again.
Liron A.
i want to say big thanks to Joe, he came over last night to help me open my door. for some reason the key got stuck in the lock and i couldn't get in to my apt. Joe came over quickly and open the door for me, he showed me also my lock is broken and he had a new lock for replacement. great service!
Gowoon P.
They will fool you with the price. I locked myself out 1am in the morning and this place was the only option I had at that moment. Over the phone the representative said it would be $25 service fee+@. After 30 minuets later, the staff came over and quote me $280 saying he has to replace the whole lock. I tried to cancel it since it's over my budget. I told him I will pay the $25 for coming over and would like to cancel it. The guy then suddenly bargain his price saying 'actually I don't really need to replace the whole lock. I can use different trick.' And then quote me $150. And THEN after few minutes of conversation and he suddenly changed his price to $195 saying 'hey I don't even charge you for $25'. Out of desperation I ended up payong $195. Im now reading reviews here and now I can tell I've been fooling around. Find another place please. They are not honest about their price and will take advantage of your desperation. Very disappointed.
Natan T.
somehow i broke my key inside the door's lock. i called this guy and he came pretty quickly . i must say, this guy was really nice and extremely professional. he knew what to do the second he arrived. he gave me a fair price, with no hidden charges or fee afterward. I definitely recommend this company. Great service, professional and kind.
Mira B.
I needed an emergency locksmith to come and open my door after my lock got jammed. i had the key but for some reason it didnt work. Adam showed up pretty quickly (25 minutes) and tried to grease the lock in order to open it. but it appears that the lock needed to be drilled and replaced. they did a clean job and with convenient rates compare to other locksmiths i called before. bottom line: great service!
Tal P.
Me and my brother sharing apt in park slope. we needed ax extra lock to be added to our door. this guys came out fast, and did really good job there, and everything with a great spirit and vibe! thanks!
James N.
This past Sunday afternoon, I found myself locked out of my apartment after dropping off my laundry down the block. Usually in this scenario, I would've waited it out at a friend's place for a roommate to get home, but unfortunately I left the stove on so time was an issue. Like the previous customers, my suspicians should have been aroused when the technician arrived in an unmarked car, without a uniform. He proceeded to immediately suggest that we drill the cylinder. It was only until I asked about other means of getting a door open did he pull out the inflatable device. Unfortunately, that didn't do the trick. In my desperation I agreed to his fees, which came out to a ridiculous $220 dollars to drill the door and $140 dollars for a new cylinder (which looked like your typical home depot cylinder). The combined total with tax was $405 dollars for something that took 10 minutes. Ulysses, the technician, after I complained about how expensive it was said, verbatim, "If it was up to me I would charge only $20 for the cylinder, but the company makes me do this." After he left, I began to do some research, (e.g. asking my landlord), and the average price for the services I paid for is not nearly the amount that I was charged. I called them a few days later to clarify the issue and found out I was being charged for a warranty on the new cylinder I wasn't even told about before the installation and the $220 dollars was for the transportation cost. This is absurb because I live about a 9 minute walk from their listed address, which funny enough when I tried to visit their listed address on yelp, it turned out to be a residential building. After several conversations on the phone the guy at Emergency Locksmith refused to give me his names. This place is basically scamming the neighborhood. They run a sketchy business and I truly doubt the authenticity of these 5 star reviews. DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS.
Nicholas M.
Had some trouble with my bolt lock today. Wanted to stay local instead of calling a larger service. They were in the neighborhood, so I gave them a call. Michel showed up in only 20 minutes! I live in a pre-war building, so these things happen all the time. Turns out they have experience with this kind of stuff. A couple tools, 10 minutes and a good bit of elbow grease later, I was back inside my apartment. Very reasonable fee, and service with a smile. Would've had him stay for a drink if he didn't have another job down the street he was hurrying off to!