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Dial Locksmith

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206 W 96th St
New York, NY 10025
198637 years in business
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Opens in 5 hours 27 minutes

Monday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
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Dial Locksmith — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 206 W 96th St, New York, NY 10025. Dial Locksmith has been in business for 37 years. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Emergency, Safe field and have a store. This business is closed now and will be opened in 5 hours 27 minutes. You can contact them by (212) 678-6260, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 25 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Dial Locksmith, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Jenn H.
We were locked out and told over the phone that the price range was $85-125. It was 2:30 in the morning, so we expected it to be more expensive, but once you're given a range, you expect the price to stay in the range. We also understand that there are different types of locks and some take a lot more effort than others. This was not the case for us. It was the most basic lock on an apartment door in New York City, just above the doorknob with the deadbolt not even turned over. The locksmith said nothing when he came in. We got up to our floor and he unlocked the door in under a minute. We asked what form of payment we can give him and he said it would be $220. We spent the next 10 minutes arguing to only get it down to $150 still well above the quoted price for the most basic lock there is. Absolute liars. Apparently a "service fee" is not included in the range. That service fee was $45. So AT MOST $125 and $45 is $170. Simple math. Not $220.
James C.
While they were very quick to respond to my request, I had some questions when it came to the person installing my new lock. I had locked myself out of my apartment afte losing my keys. While they were quick to the scene, the first thing that the technician did was drill the cylinder...after less than a minute of scoping out the mechanism, he went for the drill and proceeded to go in with full force. This is one of the things that I was always on alert for (a legitimate locksmith should go for the drill as a last ditch effort and should have the tools necessary to open any standard front door lock)...then once the lock was drilled I was then given the option of three different locks (a low, medium and high security option)...I received a final bill of $400! $400 dollars!!!!! I could have bought a new front door for that! They said it was a $65 dollar charge just to come out there! $400 on a Sunday in cash! I have the receipt to prove it...that is absolutely insane! Total robbery!
Elana S.
The service and people who work here are awesome! They made a copy of my keys for me on the spot (took 2 minutes)
Moni S.
Great service for very reasonable prices, especially compared to their counterparts in the neighborhood. I work in real estate and constantly need to make key copies, they are the most reliable group on the Upper West. Highly recommend!
John S.
I called at 10 pm on a saturday night on the emergency number I was given by the NICE guy who came a year ago to change all my locks. This company charged me $1,000.00 to fix my locks in an emergency and the guy they sent out was VERY nice. This guy, the OWNER who answered the following #: 212-678-6260, was nasty, RUDE and couldn't be BOTHERED to help me. I suggest you spend your money elsewhere since the owner of this shop is a real jerk. I finally asked for his name since he was so incredibly rude, and he said, "My name is irrelevant" I told him I didn't appreciate him being so rude since he took my $1,000.00 before which was a rip off from what Ive been reading on these reviews. THAT didn't even straighten out his crappy unprofessional attitude. He said,"Listen you're calling at 10 pm ...blah blah blah. " (Yea, its 10 Pm you jerk, on a Saturday night when on your site, it says request a quote, replies within an hour. I simply called the emergency number THEY GAVE ME From before since my tenant had his key STOLEN and it was URGENT!! Sorry I ruined your TV show blaring in the background.) I was so astounded at his unprofessional behavior, I hung up finally on him. I don't tolerate abuse from ANYONE. Especially a supposed business owner. We owned a 10 truck company at one time. If I spoke to a customer, no matter WHAT time it was, Id be out of business with his attitude.Do yourself a favor,Spend your money and time elsewhere. Do NOT call or use this creep.
Iair K.
I have used thier servic today to installed new locks on our new apt door. The dislached over the phone was super nice and so is micheal, the locksmith who preformed the work. We spent more money that me and mubwife intended but its money well spent.
Jon W.
This review is strictly from a key copying standpoint. I needed a few keys copied they did it really quickly charged fair prices compared to everywhere else. If I need a key copied again I would come here.
Michael L.
These guys are saints, they came to my place while I was away since my housekeeper was locked out of the apartment., and fixed my lock , when I came back 2 month later I notice that lock was a little loose, I called them up and they came and fix it for no extra charge. Will definitely call them back.
Dave G.
Got locked out of our apartment. We called and were told that the service would be $95. We confirmed, just $95? No other charges? And we were told, "not unless it's some unusual kind of lock." The locksmith arrives, says the $95 is only the late night/weekend fee and that the whole thing (with new lock) will be, with tax $262.00. Cash only. There oughta be a law. I guess some people figure taking advantage of someone else's misfortune is an opportunity you just can't pass up.
Lauren N.
This locksmith made a copy of a key for me quickly and cheaply. I walked in and within 3 minutes I had the copy. I would highly recommend going here for your locksmith needs.
Elizabeth P.
Saved the day. This was a transparent, straightforward and professional service, with friendliness being the cherry on top. I'm extremely pleased that I used Dial Locksmith because I was nervous of being taken advantage of and frazzled from being locked out of my apartment on an important day. Instead, I found this company based on good reviews and proximity, and Ben really killed it. He showed up promptly and opened the door super fast, you could tell he knew what he was doing. Beforehand, they were really great on the phone with me, which I approached doubly since the other locksmith companies had been gruff and refused to elaborate on anything or answer simple questions I had. He told me it would $125 to open the door, and $125 (I think) if he had to drill and replace the door had me. It ended up being $125, and honestly it was worth every penny to have this be done fast and simple (plus that seems to be the standard rate). I hope I don't have to call a locksmith again, but I would recommend this company to my friends! Thank you, Ben!
Rebecca W.
Getting locked out is such a pain but Dial Locksmith was awesome at getting me back in too my apartment. He ended up having to drill through my lock, but was able to install a new lock really quickly. Really nice and understanding. I hope I don't have to use them again, but if I do I'll definitely be calling them again!
Lily H.
Last week I arrived to visit my aunt in Upper West Side, problem was that she forgot to leave a key with the doorman. I decided to look for a locksmith online and came across Dial Locksmith. Few minutes after my call, the technician was at my door step. He was able to shim the door open and get me in within 5 minutes. I promised to give him a review for his great service, thank you Very much!!
Maria M.
Amazing service, Walked in to make two copies and was out in less than 5 minutes. Very kind man and great prices. Definitely recommend
Megan M.
Not sure why there are so many positive reviews...the prices they charge for drilling a hole through a deadbolt and replacing it are INSANE! $400 to drill hole in dead bolt and replace with a new standard deadbolt!! I recently had an issue with my door knob falling off and needed to get into my apartment. It was 7:30 on a weeknight and I didn't have much options finding a place that was still open. I'll give them credit for promptness and friendliness but that's where it stops. The guy came and assessed the door realizing that he would have to drill through deadbolt - he quotes me price $179. Seemed expensive but I just wanted to get in so I gave him go ahead. What he didn't tell me that it would be extra for a new lock until AFTER the deadbolt was ruined. Then he quotes me for a new "standard" lock that would cost $160. I basically had no choice but to agree otherwise I would have no lock on my door. When all was said and done it cost me nearly $400 just to drill through lock and have it replaced with a standard deadbolt that costs maybe $30 at hardware store. By this time I was not happy about price and knew I was getting ripped off big time so today I did some investigation and called around to a few other places to get a quote and they told me $150 - $200. BE ADVISED AND CALL SOMEONE ELSE IF YOU ARE LOCKED OUT OF APARTMENT!!!
Amir C.
Some other locksmith tried to rip me off, but they were honest and upfront about the cost. He got there quickly, was pleasant and professional, and did the job in about 5 seconds. Top notch service.
Joey F.
They may have a page of "customer service" mantras displayed on their counter, but that's where it ends... Just came home with two copies, and neither work. Have to go back out in the rain and get them re-done. One was an expensive MultiLock, the other a simpler door key. If you are a locksmith this should be Page one /Chapter One info. Instead, this is epic bulshit.
Roxanne S.
I needed to have a few keys cut for my university dorms , no one was able to make them beside Ely from dial . He was fast, efficient and charged me a really good price. I was really suprises from the big verity of stuff that they have at their store , cool place!
Robert F.
What can I say that haven't said yet , they are friendly , reliable and professional. I own a brownstone not to far from their shop , and I've used them several times over a 10 year period . Ely is very honest and responsive , I can blindly trust him with l of my work.
Sooin J.
I needed to have a key copied , so I hopped in this little locksmith shop on west 96 st. The employee Ely was super nice and friendly . He had my keys done in less than 2 min!! The keys work great I'm very pleased with the service . Thank you.
Yvelisse Santiago
They were able to make a copy of a medical key that has not been able to be duplicated anywhere else
jay rek
Friendly knowledgeable staff, very serious about customer satisfaction. The place has gone through some renovations in terms of merchandise and they have great quality stuff.
Jude Olney
Good price. Fast service. Keys were right. Polite on the phone and in person.
Lost my keys and called Dial Locksmith for a service call to the upper west side. They showed up within 20 minutes. I would highly recommend Dial Locksmith….. Fast, friendly and professional service. Thank You!!
Saumya Mathur
Dial Locksmith is amazing! I had to get two keys copied and the kind man there did it for me in under 2 minutes and it only cost $5. Would definitely recommend.