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Catanio Lock Company

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302 Grove St
Jersey City, NJ 07302
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Monday 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
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Catanio Lock Company — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located at 302 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ 07302. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Safe field and have a store. This business is closed now and will be opened in 6 hours 20 minutes. You can contact them by (201) 308-0989, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 24 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Catanio Lock Company, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Liyuan C.
I didn't have a chance to experience his craftsmanship, so I can't comment on that. But he's definitely not a good business man. This company ONLY accepts CASH and there's no way to find out until you reach there. There's simply no equipment to take card, so no way to accept credit card even if you're willing to pay more. I called this place multiple times since early morning and no one picks up the call until noon. I asked the hours and mentioned I'll stop by today, but no one alert to me that only cash is accepted. I walked 30 minutes there and got kicked out because I didn't carry cash. I read another review said they were able to receive IOU service, but that's not my case. Maybe the owner is a good craftsman, but he is not a good business man. I don't think I'll go again given this experience and I'm not a cash person.
Zak V.
Excellent service. They made a new key (not copy) for a unique lock that no one else could make instead of just telling me to buy new locks.
Diana T.
My door had been hard to open; it had bothered me for a while. last week, to fix the the problem, I opened the body of the lock myself but I can't put it back any more. I tried every way to put it back for a couple of hours at home but had no luck. I even called the manufacture to order a new lock but it wasnt a common lock and the manufacture didn't deal with retail sales. the long weekend was coming...I didn't want to have no lock for three days so I got nervous. I went to Catanio based on Yelp review. i didn't have too much hope because the lock was an uncommon model, it was very hard to figure out the original setup. Greg spent the whole morning to help me figure out the settings. He could have easily let it go or just told me to buy a new lock; but he was very understanding and tried his best to solve the problem. Eventually he put it back after hours of efforts! He dealt with the problem with great patience and professionalism. He charged me a very reasonable price. I feel so thankful for his help; will definitely go back in future.
Thomas B.
Best locksmith ever. Keys come out perfect, the shop is gorgeous, he knows his stuff. He's also really kind and even let me get away with an IOU when I didn't have any cash.
Nina R.
This place does an excellent job with some of the trickier keys the luxury high rises have been handing out. My bldg was trying to charge $30/key and I got the job done here at $6/key. The man in the front was very respectful. Felt good to support a well run, well kept local business.
Marianne M.
Update: Yelp has corrected the problem and the contact number above truly is Catanio Lock Co. (201-938-0058). Remember always to check the yellow pages or internet search as well to confirm a business phone contact number. BEWARE: The Catanio Lock Company Yelp page has been hacked. The telephone number listed here is NOT Catanio Lock Company. This is a fly by night who has no experience and will ask you to pay him in cash. Do not call this number. We are waiting for Yelp to correct this. Call 201-938-0058. Thank you.
Dana H.
I am very happy with Catanio Lock Company. They came highly recommended to me from locals in Jersey City, so I called them to have a new deadbolt and key lock installed. Catanio is a small, privately-owned company that has been in business for decades in JC. You may get an answering machine when you call the first or second time, but Rich and/or Greg will call you back within the same day usually. They are both incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and will make reasonable and smart recommendations suited to your needs. I found it to be really helpful to drop in in person. Both Rich and Greg were there, as well as the shop parrot (!) and I had a great conversation with them while setting up my appointment. Greg installed the locks for me today and was a pleasure to work with. I felt the pricing was more than reasonable, the service was excellent (Greg was even sweeping up little bits of wood coming out of my door frame and consistently made an effort to keep the work space neat and tidy), and the hardware is exactly what I wanted. Catanio does not do credit cards, but will take cash or a personal check. Given all the friendliness, excellent service and personalized attention to my situation, I was fine with this. I would recommend Catanio to anyone in the future. Very happy with my experience! Thanks, Rich and Greg.
Jacinda G.
First impression: I have no idea when these guys are open. The hours on yelp don't seem to be up-to-date because I called after the opening time and left a message with no response or return phone call! I walked all the way to the store and nowhere did I see the open hours! I wanted to get a copy of a key, but it seems impossible to get ahold of the owner or find out the hours for this place so I can't give a proper review on customer service which seems to be great -- too bad I can't experience it. Pro Tip: Downtown True Value (5 min walk from this place) also makes great copy of keys super fast & super cheap. Guys there actually responded to my phone call and were open to create a copy of the key right on the spot.
Maurice B.
Really great guys and really helpful. I went here when I first moved to JC to get a few spare keys cut and they were very friendly and told me about the area. Fast forward to this year and a new place where I had the locks replaced and got a weird set of keys that no one could replicate. The guys cut the key for me and highlighted where they thought might be an issue. The key would fit but wouldn't turn so brought it back and they measured it with a calipers, did some looking up in a book and made some adjustments and the key worked!!! Great to see people take pride in their work and willing to help out when the job was a bit harder than normal.
Rohan R.
Very friendly and very reasonable rates. Great and friendly service. Make sure you carry cash as its cash only.
Akiko I.
I would highly recommend Catanio. Greg is flexible and able to work around your schedule. He's super friendly and even showed us how the inside of a lock works. He is thorough and genuinely wants to keep customers his safe in their home. We weren't sure if the lock was working properly and he even stopped by to look at it, free of charge. Thank you Greg! Hope we don't have to call you if we lock ourselves out. :)
Eric H.
My building super suggested I go to Catanio Lock when I was renovating my apartment. Rich was very helpful in setting up my locks and getting them all keyed and ready. His prices were very fair and his attitude made me happy to visit him whenever I needed something lock and key related. He even duplicated my mailbox key for me. Now, every time I see Rich on the street he's got a big smile and says hello. His store is a local treasure and Rich has the skills needed for any challenges that come up.
Eric G.
Rich is a good locksmith. Always does what he says and his prices are in line with other companies. He is right down town so he is able to work around the area and does not worry about parking. I have used him for many years and have never had a complaint. .
Evelyn T.
Excellent craftmanship! I had been there twice to get keys duplicated. They always work the first time! Highly recommended!
Yulia P.
Just like everyone else said good quick friendly service. The address on yelp is wrong though (they moved across the street). So it's 302 grove I believe.
Christopher T.
I love these guys. I went in a few months ago and got a couple keys made and they were very friendly and made them right away and it was cheap. Then last week I was having an issue with a sliding door in our house and they came and checked it out, figured out the issue quickly and then didn't even charge me. I would strongly suggest you use Catanio Locks for all your locksmithing needs.
Kevin W.
This small shop is a great place to make a backup key for your apartment. The owner is nice and friendly. It took him only a min to make the key copy, and it costed less than $3. In addition, the quality of the key is good, and it fits well in the lock.
Kate W.
I would give Catanio Locks 10 stars if I could! Rich Catanio is the BEST. We recently moved into an old townhouse with very cantankerous doors... He has been amazing at fitting new locks easily and beautifully and is always there to help if you have a problem. The service is extremely prompt, very polite (a rarity in New Jersey, let me tell you...) and super professional. Don't go anywhere else if you are locked out, need a key cut or need your locks changed. These guys are seriously A+
Kristyn P.
I locked myself out of my apartment and called Catanio Lock Company for help. Even though they could not break me in, I'm still happy to give them 5 stars, here's why: 1. Quick arrival 2. Extremely nice 3. Stayed and worked on my lock for well over an hour 4. Since they didn't unlock the door, they did not charge me 5. Were careful not to damage anything Yes, they could have gotten me into my apartment by smashing off the cheapo doorknob, but they didn't push that option after I stated I did not want to break it. I've dealt with other locksmiths who would just assume rip the door off its hinges if it meant getting the job done quickly and getting paid. These guys were careful and respectful. I'll be contacting them to put in a deadbolt. Support local businesses, these guys are great!
D P.
Couldn't be happier with their service. Greg worked late to be able to meet me when I arrived from the airport after their regular hours. He had the door open in 30 seconds. The price was reasonable. I'd definitely recommend these guys.
David Kostus
Helped me in a tight spot on my wedding day!
Jon Perl
This guy is an expert. KeyMe sent keys that did not work. He quickly copied the key and the copies work well! Also a very nice and friendly guy. Highly recommend!
Justin Blanchard
My experience (key copy) matches other reviewers: fast, friendly, correct, under $3.
Yogesh M
Professional, Super quick and knowledgeable person. Got right working key in first attempt. Agree with other reviews too.