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Astoria Locksmith 24 Hr Service — one of 96 locksmiths on our website who serve Jersey City, NJ. They are located in Long Island City, NY 11106. They successfully provide services in Residential, Commercial, Emergency field. This business is opened 24 hours. You can contact them by (347) 220-8484, or submit a request with a short description of your problem. You can read 23 reviews about the company that we have collected for you. And if you have already used the services of Astoria Locksmith 24 Hr Service, you can leave your feedback on our website.

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Rotem Y.
I had a very good experience with this Astoria locksmiths. Me and my husband Tom stayed at our friends apartment for the week, we had an opportunity to visit New York and watch our friend's dog Molly. The 3rd day we came back home after a short walk in the neighborhood, just to discover our key won't work and we couldn't get in to the apt. I immediately called my friend and she recommend to call this guys since they fix some locks for her in the past. Within 20 minutes Ron the locksmith arrived. He was super nice and quickly got us back in!! He even had a treat for Molly :) so she was pretty happy about the all situation. Thanks guys, for get us in back to the apt with a smile!
Lauren S.
Initially there was a problem with the lock that was installed, but the shop owner truly went above and beyond to correct the issue. Would recommend!
Angele M.
My home has a keyless entry and the battery died unexpectedly. My out of town guests came home to find that the lock would not work. Me being out of town and not able to do anything about it made for a very interesting situation. Thanks to Yelp, I located Astoria Locksmith and they were at my home in 20 minutes. They saved my ass and for that, I am extremely grateful! It wasn't cheap (but I expect that for a 24-hour locksmith) and it sure was better to pay their fee than pay for two hotel rooms. The technician was extremely polite and everyone was very accommodating. The locksmith I called prior was very difficult to work with so I'm glad I came upon this one. Thank you very much, Astoria Locksmith!
Michael R.
They came to get us back into our apartment because it seems the interior mechanics of our lock were broken or worn out over time. They ultimately had to replace the entire lock and all is working fine now.
Kimba W.
This locksmith service in saved my job. I had locked myself out the office. I called several other locksmiths but they could not make it in time so I could get to my very important meeting. My friend gave me a recommendation and said that this locksmith service would help me out, as they are always on the move. True to their words, within a few minutes, I had a professional come to the office. He opened the door for me so I could reach my documents and changed the locks just as FAST enough so that I could leave for the meeting. I have never experienced such a fast and efficient locksmith service.
Richard L.
Astoria lock out smith was a friendly and quick service. One of those nights happen to me where I "misplaced" my keys either on the train or the bar I was at. I had to google, a locksmith place to well open my apartment door. As the super of the building was on vacation and my spare kid was all the way in jersey at my cousins house. They came pretty quickly, the rate was fair. I feel like they deal with this level of problem a lot and they are very helpful. I would totally recommend this to anyone in the queens area
Maya M.
I wad reffered by my cousin , and he only mention good things about them. Me and Lily (my 2 LBS Yorkie) just moved to a new apt in queens, and needed some locks to be replaced. I called in advance to make an appointment, Adam showed just on schedule - and brought some options for locks with different security levels, so i could pick the best option for me. Pleasure to work with Astoria locksmith's. Great Service, Reasonable Price. Will use them again.
Adam J.
I was about to go to the airport , when I discover I lost my keys and couldn't lock my apt . I called Astoria locksmiths - and explain my situation . Within 15 minutes Jeff showed up at my door and quickly replaced the lock ! Quick and affordable service which I recommend.
Nir A.
I was just going back home from an office party and it was very late in the night. On reaching to my door, I realized that I had left my keys at the party that was apparently over. Since I live alone, I had to look for a solution. My spare keys were in the house. I called a friend who gave me information about Astoria Locksmiths that had helped her when she experienced a home lockout. On contacting them, I got an almost instant response and thereafter help. I got into the house as a happy soul.
Kris K.
The technician Paul came to my apartment late at night after me and my girlfriend got locked out. About 15 minutes after my call he showed up and was very friendly and helpful. He went over and tried all the options before eventually drilling into my lock. After getting in he didn't have the right lock combo (at this time it was around 3am) and he showed up early next morning to replace the lock. 5 stars for how quick the technician came, service, and convenience.
Matt S.
EXTREMELY SHADY COMPANY DO NOT USE They gave me a quote over the phone based on photos and conversations The tech came and took one door apart then told me he didn't realize it was 2 doors They doubled the price to continue I immediately called another company and they dropped their price I told them I wasn't going to pay the lower price They then tried to charge me to put the door back together and refused to give their name or any company information THESE GUYS ARE CHEATS
Michelle R.
My roommate has a habit of forgetting his keys and somehow his habit has rubbed off on me. So one day I get home from work, realize I left my keys on my dresser and that since my roommate was still out of town, I was screwed. That's where Astoria Locksmith comes in. They were awesome! They worked quickly to have me inside my apartment and the price was reasonable. I highly recommend them.
Talia C.
Oh man Dor just saved our BEHINDS!! We have guests staying at our apartment in Astoria that somehow managed to break the lock when locking up this keeping themselves out of the apartment on their return from dinner. They called us in a panic and we, ourselves, were quickly also panicking. Astoria locksmith to the rescue!! Dor got there fast and was extremely patient with my many phone calls to check on what was happening. He went above and beyond, even letting our guests use his cell phone to talk to me (they didn't have an American cell phone). I would absolutely use these guys again although I obviously hope I won't have to ;)
Emmily C.
I was celebrating my friend's 21st birthday at an airbnb somewhere in queens. The place was clean and super nice and we were so excited about spending the weekend together with just friends. We decided to go get some food for everyone, and we carelessly all walked out of the door and forgot the keys!!!! We didn't have a spare, and the owner of the house was somewhere in Pennsylvania. We tried climbing the fire escape up to each window, but all the windows were locked, we tried kicking the door down but realized that was a dumb decision to do because who's going to pay for the door when we break through it? And finally we calmed down and called this locksmith. DUH. They were here within 20 minutes and got the door open super fast!!! They were super friendly and they saved the day!!!
Lawrence K.
Complete lack of professionalism. They should take courses in business or simple customer service. And maybe, just maybe, by the grace of God, they'll move their "business" to a real location rather than being stationed in a bedroom. I hope people choose their competitors and bypass the unedifying experience of dealing with the shady locksmith who drives an unmarked car and his supervisor, who I really suspect is his brother. I hope you choose to bypass the possibility of having to shout for half an hour and have a locksmith stand outside your home like a stalker waiting for you to give him money for no service. BUT, if you want a stranger to stand outside your home and who will refuse to leave you, then this is the place for you.
Cali A.
I lost my car keys last week, so I had to find a locksmith that makes keys from scratch. I called few companies and no one could help me, untill I found this emergency locksmiths in Astoria. They promised to send someone over to make me a new key for my car and to program it and an hour later I had 2 brand new programed keys to my car, the price was reasonable and they program the keys right at the spot! They are well equipped and knowledgeable.
Michelle M.
Wanted to upgrade my top lock dead bolt to something more secure. within the same day of call, I had a technician coming over for free consultation. he was very nice and knowledgable, and had few types of locks to let me choose from: multi locks and medeco, angel and some few other locks. I picked the Medeco lock since I knew my friend had the same one and they liked it. The service was quick and the price was fair. Will defiantly use this astoria locksmiths again.
Ai H.
My keys broke inside the lock at my friends place in astoria. i was actualy went over to feed her cat, and couldnt open the door. I called this locksmith for help me over. gush, this guys are faster then a pizza delivery, within 20 minutes i had a locksmith at my door. he was able to get the key piece out of the lock and actuyaly pick the lock and open the door! yayy... well we still had to replace the lock since it was rusty. and he had the lock in his van, so we could finish it all right away. friendly and fast service.
Mike K.
My top lock was jamming this morning, after some issues we had lately with the lock lately, and since I was in a hurry to goto work, I need a locksmith to come over as soon as possible. Astoria locksmiths are pretty close to my place and managed to come within 15 minutes. James replaced the lock and re-keyed the cylinder so I could stay with the same key. Service was efficient and quick.
Daniel S.
It was a nightmare = Arriving home at 11:30 pm after two flight delays and not being able to open the front door. After panicking then finally calming down, I was able to push on the door, pull on the knob and get the lock open. Not good! I found to called him the next morning as soon as he opened. It took him like 5 minutes to fix the alignment with the strike plate, lube the deadbolt and fix a few other things.He is friendly, efficient and very much cares about customer satisfaction.
Brian N.
Astoria Locksmith 24 HR Service staff was really professional, friendly, and fast. I called and 20 minutes later he was already at my house. He opened the door in less than 5 minutes. I would definitely call him again... And plus he gave me a really good deal. I called around and he was the lowest around.
Bill B.
Thankfully I found Astoria Locksmith on Google. Incredibly helpful with my whole situation! Unfortunately, we have a very difficult door to crack. It took him unscrewing the door guard to be able to pull an Oceans 11 break in maneuver, which was pretty cool.
Kristoff B.
I have a very complex key as well as lock. He gave me different options with their price points, and was able to follow through. His incredibly knowledgeable i this space and was able to finally get me into my apartment. Among this knowledge , he's very personable and a friendly guy to spend an hour with while you're trying to figure out how to break into your own apartment. Over all friendly, knowledgeable and fair in price.